Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Are In The Home Stretch...

     I am excited to report that I have ordered my cap, gown, and hood (I didn't even know that a Master's Degree came with one of those- lol).  Of course it wasn't cheap...but after two LONG years I am very excited that it will be over!
     I have two more individual papers and one huge group paper and presentation and then I can never have to worry about college classes again (...until the next time...but I am pretty certain that I will not be getting a doctorate degree).
    Tomorrow is going to be an adventure. My son's maturation program is tomorrow afternoon. I have made arrangements with my administrator to take my class so I can go and participate in the program with him. Can't wait for all the giggles and titters from the boys as "hair" and other "stuff" is discussed. Wahoo!
     Well, I think that I need to get off here and working on planning out my day for tomorrow. We had my oldest son's Blue and Gold Banquet (cub scouts) tonight. It was well organized and attended. He received his Bear advancement and several other awards. I am proud of you son!

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  1. Congrats on Scouts, maturation, & graduation.

    Full plates all around.


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