Monday, June 27, 2011

Day #37- Ahhhh... Monday

Monday, oh how we love thee (in the summertime) for you begin another week of goodness.

Today was a great day for my wife. She is getting much stronger everyday. She still can't stand for long periods of time, or even sit for that matter. However, she is up and doing as much as she can (and I will let each day.

I am so thankful that we are starting to truly find our family routine again. As I look back over the two weeks we have been home, I can definitely see a difference in stress levels. I didn't really realize (although I am sure all of your did) how overwhelming it was to go from worrying about wife only, to worrying about my wife and trying to run a household of kids ages 2 months to 10 years old. I wouldn't have wanted to do anything else, and I am feeling much more in control now as well.

Today I played the "I will wait for HIM to call me" from his little doctor's office. He didn't. So, tomorrow I will call him. It has been interesting in that department. I have had several people from town ask if we are going to go back to him. Of course we ARE NOT GOING BACK TO HIM. Not only would that be awkward for him because of the evil looks I would give him the whole time we were there, but because deep-down I simply can't ever trust his patient care again. And, I think his nurse needs a lesson in being human and professional. True, she may have tired of my wife calling, but in no way should she have been rude like she was. If we had listened to her "advice" my wife wouldn't be around today.


It has been a busy day. We took the kids to Vacation Bible School. We know the pastor and his wife and we love to have our kids support this particular church activity. The kids like it too because they get to see some of their friends from school. Wahoo for Vacation Bible School.

We ended the evening at the Brady's for Family Home Evening. We brought the treats and they provided a fun, hands-on lesson. We were there quite late. The kids had a great time (Except for my oldest- he spent the day with a friend- Thanks Pam for letting him come over- and then had a sleep over as well) and it was nice to visit.

Well, with it being late, I need to head to bed.


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  1. It really sounds like more and more "normal" is coming into your lives.



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