Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day(s) #39 & 40- Work and Play...and A Trip to the ER. AGAIN!!!!

 Wednesday, Day 39 of our adventure. I plan to continue this style of posting until after our visit to both her doctors up North in mid-July. I figure at that point we will know what is going on and then we can resume "normal" completely. I do want to include the Family Fun Event Benefit Dinner that some wonderful ladies in town are putting together for us. It will be on July 18th in the Green River City Park. It starts at 5:30pm and goes until 8:30pm. From what we know there will be a dinner, auction, ball game, and lots of games for kids to play (carnival style, I believe). We are grateful for all who are working to set it up, and look forward to being there to thank everyone in person for all their help, love, and support. We hope to see you there too! :)

Wednesday started off with having my oldest son at the church by 8:00am. He had a cub scout event that he needed to be at. I wish I could have gone with him, but I needed to be home so I could watch the baby while my wife went for a walk with some friends. She had a great time and I enjoyed spending time with my little herd. I watered the front lawn and flower beds as well as the garden. It was nice to be up and going early as we have still been sleeping until 9am. I guess it is because the kids are all sleeping in longer as well. I guess that is what summer is all about. My son came home shortly after that as well.

After all of that happened, I was able to head to the school and begin the "Clean Sweep" event in my room. I started by emptying out my closet and two of my cupboards. I was able to get one closet cleaned out. My goal is to discard anything that I haven't used in the past two years. This includes teaching resources, materials, and supplies. I hope to get at least two dumpsters full out of my room this summer. I have a donate table that teachers can go through to see if there is anything that they can use in their classrooms before I toss it out. It has been nice to do so far and I think the final product will be great.

We stayed at the school (my wife had walked over with the kids for the free lunch program and then stayed to help) until about 3pm. We headed home so that we could relax for a while.

We dropped the kids off at bible school at 5pm, ate dinner around 6pm (thanks SO much again for all the help) and then went to my parents house to visit. With only my two little ones, it was a nice, quiet visit. When bible school ended, I went and picked up the kids and we finished watching America's Got Talent (whatever!) and The Voice! Finale before heading home and ending a good productive day.

Day 40- June 30th. It is hard to believe that it has been 40 days since this whole series of events began. My plan was to get get up early and head to the school and work. That didn't happen. We awoke to thunder and lightning. It was AWESOME! I loved hearing the rain, and it made the day nice and cool. I taught a voice lesson around 10:30. We sent two of our boys with my parents to the races in Price and then we had lunch and enjoyed several visitors. I love when people stop by to see my wife. It really brightens her day, something she can really use.

I dropped the two other kids off at vacation bible school. I promised them that after they finished we would all get some ice cream at the Chow Hound. When I returned home, I noticed that my wife wasn't feeling very good. I couldn't tell if it was the heat of the house, the flu, or, heaven forbid, an infection. We went to pick up the kids from bible school and headed to get ice cream. My wife ordered items, but didn't eat any of it. That began to freak me out. I knew this game and I wasn't going to have it.

We left and came home and I called home health. The nurse told us to go immediately to the ER in Provo. So, I am going to sign off so we can do that...



  1. So glad you made it up and back safely. Still on the road to recovery...You just had to make a pit-stop after hitting a bit of a pothole on the journey ...

  2. Amen to that, Mindy, Amen to that! :) I am sure there will be more potholes, but we will make it.


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