Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Dr. Said...

Day we left the hospital.
THIS is Dr. Lichti- Her Life Saver!
Well, Monday we had a appointment with Dr. Lichti. He is the surgeon who saved my wife's life. You know, the one that did 5 operations on her abdomen.

However, before I share what he told us, I need to give the details of how we ended up in his posh office.

Let's see... we left on Sunday right after sacrament meeting to head to Springville.Thanks to our good friends the Mannings, we had a place to stay so we didn't have to leave really early (plus we would get to visit). Mr. Z had left earlier Sunday morning. We sure enjoyed him staying at our house for a few days. He had many places he could visit to choose from and he chose to stay with us. Must be that my kids are very entertaining. lol. Ayways, we left by 12:30pm and arrived at the Mannings around 3pm. It was so nice to let the kids play while we visited and ate and visited and ate. I must say, Becky makes a mean mint brownie! YUMMY! :) We visited for quite a while after the kids went to bed before we all decided to hit the hay.

The whole house was up and going by 7:30am. Mannings had swimming lessons (and Becky had tutoring at the school) and we needed to get to my wife's doctors appointment. We loaded up the herd and headed out. Having never visited his office we wanted to leave ourselves enough time to find it. It wasn't too hard to find, but it wasn't a piece of cake either. It was one building among MANY in a ritzy business park in Northern Provo.

We got registered and paperwork filled out. It wasn't long before they called my wife back. We took the baby and my youngest son even though the sign by the door says that the patient only is allowed in the back. I wasn't going to let my wife go in there alone. We had lots of questions and she wanted me to be there with her.

Dr. Lichti's assistant came in after 20 minutes of waiting. He asked a few questions and looked on the computer. We told him that we had been to the ER and that a CT Scan had been done. He didn't have it in his file so he requested it and then went to go and examine it. When he returned (another 20 minutes later) he had Dr. Lichti with him. Both of them examined the incisions. Dr. Licti was very pleased with how well they were healing. He checked her abdomen and asked lots of questions. Then it was our turn.

-We asked about lifting. The answer was NOTHING heavier than the baby until he approves it.
-We asked about her UTI- he prescribed two more weeks of antibiotics and set up an appointment with an urologist.
-We asked what the next steps were- We are going back in three more weeks for another follow-up appointment.
-We asked about the drain holes still hurting- he said they might hurt for a long time.
-We asked about the numbness- he said that she may stay numb around the incision from 6 months to a year and the main incision may never have feeling in it.
-We asked about a timeline for returning to "normal"- he said to take it slow and know that it could be several months before she begins to feel at full speed and then several more before she is fully healed.

After the Q & A session, we knew it was time to head out. We made the appointments for three weeks and headed out.

Since it was also my son's birthday (he turned FOUR) we had planned to eat at Pizza Pie Cafe. However, we weren't really hungry since we had had a later breakfast. We went to Sam's and did a little shopping. While we were there, I decided to have my eyes examined and purchase new glasses. I am excited to have new glasses. The frames are going to look pretty cool. They are thicker than I would normally buy. I will have to share a picture when they finally arrive. (Update: Sam's just called and said my glasses are ready to pick-up- WAHOO!!!!!!).

Pizza Pie Cafe in Provo
After shopping, we headed back to the Mannings  for bit. We actually ended up waiting until Becky made it home from her school meetings to go. The kids were "starving" which was good because I didn't want to pay a bunch of money for the kids to eat one slice of pizza and be full. lol. The Pizza Pie Cafe is a pretty good place to eat. Reasonable price and decent tasting pizza, pasta, and salad. The kids loved it and actually ate really well. After dinner we headed home.

The Yummy Buffet
We stopped in Price to pick up my oldest son who had been staying with my sister in Orangeville. He was ready to come home (though he REALLY enjoyed staying for the week). We were ready to have him home. We had missed him terribly. With our complete little family in the van, we journeyed homeward. It was SO nice to be home after the drive with kids whining and complaining. We stopped at my parent's house to say hello and pick up some DVD's my kids had left with them. We wanted to say hello as well because they were leaving early the next morning for a few days for a reunion.

We got everything unloaded and in the house. It was about 9:30pm before everyone and everything was cleaned up and settled in. Phew. That ended Monday.

Tuesday was spent working in my classroom. I was able to finish almost all of the cleaning. It has been so liberating to de-junk my classroom. My donate table is growing forever larger and I so THANKFUL that the items will be finding a new home. When everything is done and my room is "themed up" and decorated I will post some pictures like I did last year. What I need is some good famous Star Wars lines that fit a learning theme. Like last year was "Let the Adventure Begin...". I need something good like that. Any suggestions? Post a comment and let me know.

Anyways, Tuesday evening ended in a huge rain shower. It was so nice to have the moisture. After it stopped, we loaded up the car and delivered the last of the dishes from the wonderful people who continued to feed us. (We are now back to "normal" in the sense that we are taking care of our own food- Yea- progress in the journey back to "normal"). We ended the night by watching Perry Mason and I Love Lucy. Those are great shows.

Wednesday (Today) has been very productive. Other than the fact that I didn't get up until 8am, I have been able to get a lot of the "To Do's" on my list done. I even finished cleaning out every cupboard, drawer, and filing cabinet. I feel "cleansed"- lol. We headed home midst a rain shower, again- LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I would have finished this earlier, but apparently I needed a nap- lol.

Tonight is filled with absolutely nothing. What a blessed thought.

Tomorrow morning we have to be up at the crack of dawn and gone. We are planning on stopping by my cousin's house in Pleasant Grove before heading to our appointment. Then we will stop back by after the appointment and visit for a while before heading back over to the Mannings' house for a visit. We are NOT spending the night again as we don't want to impose on anyone and our kids seem to do better in their own "beds" (which is currently the couches and mats in the living room).

Well, my middle son thinks he needs ice from the Chat and Chew (aka Chow Hound) so I best sign off and take him. Plus I need to run to the store and get some moo juice.

So, I will let you know about our next Dr. saga on Friday. :)



  1. Hey John, I think a great saying from Star Wars woul be..... "Laugh it up Fuzz Ball.. :) Makes for a fun year!! lol
    Love ya,

  2. Mmmm....quotes?

    “Use the Force..."

    “May the Force be with you.”

    Truly wonderful the mind of a child is." YODA, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

    "Who's the more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?" OBI-WAN KENOBI, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

  3. Haha! I love that you call it the "Chat and Chew"! You are not imposing...but I understand the "kids in their OWN beds" feeling. We enjoyed having you guys!

  4. What a blessing to hear that things are progressing as well as they are. Glad you have all your little posse home. Be safe on your journey northward again. Remember anytime you guys need anything you can call.

  5. Joan said the one I thought of almost immediately upon reading your posting - "May the force be with you." but I'm sure there are many others that can be used as well. I've only seen one Star Wars episode and so couldn't give you many quotes. Another that cames to mind is Princess Lea's "Help me, Obi-Wan." (and you could insert Mr. Hughes in for Obi-Wan - lol.

    The last infamous quote of course would be, "Luke, I am your father." but that doesn't really fit the theme of learning or teaching - I'll bet Ian could give you tons of good quotes for the room. Looking forward to the fall and meeting your class (4th year of classes - how time flies). See you in the postings - Mrs. E :)

    Ma America, The Travelin' Maven (Elysabeth Eldering)
    Author of the JGDS, 50-state, mystery, trivia series

    Where will the adventure take you next?

  6. Ah, the Chew and that place. Next time you go to the Cafe though, let me know, I have a coupon or two that could've saved you a few bucks.

    Star Wars?

    How about, "I'm Mr. Hughes, I'm here to rescue you...from miseducation."

    "Watch your mouth kid, our you'll find yourself floating home."

    "You came in here and you didn't have a plan for getting out?"

    "Mr. Hughes classroom. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

    (Sending a kid to the office) "Into the garbage chute, flyboy!"

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

    "Help me Mr. Hughes, you're my only hope."

    Yeah, I think that just about does it...

  7. Mr. H,

    Ah, things are looking pretty good for your wife! By the way, Pizza Pie Cafe looks superb. If I ever pass through your corner of America, I'm eating there!


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