Saturday, July 09, 2011

Our Baby Girl (and Other News)

 We have been trying to get a good picture of our baby smiling. I love this picture because it is almost a mischievous smile. She has been such a joy to have in our home. She is pretty mellow and really only gets fussy if she is hungry or needs a bum change. She is even sleeping through most of the night.

So, wahoo! The kids have sure enjoyed having her home. The two little boys sure love her. They are forever giving her hugs and kisses and they fight over who gets to hold her. My older daughter loves her little sister- A LOT! She is so cute with her too and is such a big helper. She is very willing to her help feed, tend, change, or just love her baby sister.

In school news I have finished all but TWO of my storage cabinets and then I can move on to my desk with the cleaning. Once all of that is done, I am going to starting diving in to the new CORE for math and really search out what I need to be teaching. I love that time the most- when I get to start figuring out how and what I plan to teach.

Each year I try to approach the first few weeks in a new way. This keeps it fun and exciting for me AND the kids. My son has convinced me to go with a Star Wars theme this year. It should be pretty fun. I have some good ideas and will start updating my Wiki to reflect the new theme. THAT will be a project that will take much longer than I care to deal with right now.

Dear Photograph,
I am glad that even though the background
changed, the people have stayed close.
In medical news there is really isn't any. My wife seems to be improving still every day. She has her first dr. appointment on Monday in Provo with Dr. Lichti. We are hoping it will be quick and painless. It is also our son's birthday (Mr. M) and so we have a few fun things planned to do. We will be staying with our close friends Colter and Becky in Springville. We are looking forward to spending time time with their family and a grateful they are allowing us to stay in their home.

The last few days have been nice. The weather has been a little cooler (only in the high 80's to low 90's) and a little humid. But, it is all good. Mr. Z surprised us with a "stay"-cation and has been here since yesterday. It is always fun my the Z-meister shows up. The kids all love to have him here and my wife and I enjoy his witty humor.

He shared a pretty cool website with us yesterday. Dear Photograph. Check it out. The picture on the right is MY attempt at it. I won't be submitting it to the site, but my note is under my picture. It was fun to try out. It is much more difficult to accomplish than one might think. I have several others that I took but didn't feel like sharing any of those right now.

It has been a pretty busy day already. I was up at 7am this morning feeding the baby. From there I watered they yard and garden, weeded the roses, and then vacuumed the house. Next in the day came Bountiful Baskets (which I had somehow mis-linked on Face Book to some random cookie gift basket site- sorry about that). It was fun. Mr. Z and Ms. D even came and helped out today- with our regulars, thanks Kristin, Cindy, (and everyone else). I enjoy doing the baskets as much to visit with friends as to get an excellent deal on fresh produce. Next order date is a week from Monday (same day as our benefit dinner). If you haven't tried it out yet, give it a whirl.

The rest of the day is going to be spent relaxing, having a BBQ, and spending time with some friends.

Summer is turning out to be pretty good after all...



  1. Thanks for letting me stay,'s been fun so far. The only bummer is thinking we were going to make cookie baskets and then finding out that we weren't.

    Ah well.

    I guess it's a good thing we're friends...

  2. I'm sure glad that you're getting some fun out of your summer.

    I also love lesson planning at the beginning of the year. I feel so inspired. About once a week now I spend some time looking for ideas and hammering out my thoughts.

    Thanks, and thanks to Mr. Z, for the website. I will have to try some.

  3. Oh shoot, forgot to add... Your new baby daughter is adorable! I want her!

  4. O, now that's an adorable picture of your daughter. And let me be the first to say she looks just like you! Okay, maybe I'm not the first to mention this, but...


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