Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day Five...

It brings back varied memories to see that title. The last time I had that title, I was sitting in a hospital wondering if my wife was going to make it through another day. That really sucked.

Now, that day 5 (and I won't be counting the school days all year long... pinky promise) in the title represents one of my passions- teaching. I have to say that I have heard for multiple years that the class I currently have is a dream to teach. It was almost too much to hope for after the challenging classes that I have had over the past few years (not that I loved them any less... well, most days I didn't...). I also approached this year with strong determination to have the best school year EVER! Partly because last year was a struggle, and partly because I am teaching my son this year!

I have tried something new this year, something that my good friend from TeachinFourth shared. I have spent every minute of the school day with my class. We have recess together, we all sit at lunch together, we do PE together, and we are practicing using respect and kind words. My hope is that when I release them into the wild next week, they will be able to continue to show those same skills to each other. A majority of my class was sad when I told them that next week they would be able to do what ever. They want me to eat with them everyday and play games together. Interesting. I told them probably not everyday, but I am thinking that at least once a week I would be able to sit with them at lunch and we could go out and play a game together. They cheered. lol. Who ARE these kids... and where have they been the last few years.

I am basking in the glory of this year. I know, I know. It is only day five. But it has been an AWESOME five days! This educator hopes his educator's life continues on this path of totally awesomeness!



  1. Lucky you! And lucky kids! It's a great idea to spend every minute with your kids that first week. You know that means so much to them.

    Here's to a wonderful year where is sounds like behavior issues will not compete with your teaching. =)

  2. Enjoy this year! You've earned it!

  3. I'm glad you're ripping it up, my friend.

    You deserve it...every. little. bit.


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