Friday, August 19, 2011

A Quick Update

The last couple of weeks have been very busy, crazy, and stressful.
Here is what we have been up to:

  • I helped teach a half-day guest teacher (substitute) training. It was fun and I enjoyed sharing and listening to those wonderful people in our community. I learned a lot about what I can better do as a teacher to help those guest teacher's in my classroom be more successful. I think the biggest eye-opener was that they don't want "easy" plans left. They said kids finish early and become management problems.
  • Spent 4 days out of town. I had my fist UPPAC meeting last week. It was interesting, and I am excited to serve on this commission for the next three years. It will cause a lot of driving, which I am NOT excited about, but the experience will hopefully be worth it! After the meeting, we went with Mr. Z and his friend (and her 2 nephews) at Discovery Gateway. That was a long, but fun three hours. The kids were in heaven and I am grateful that they had such a good time. After the museum we returned to Mr. Z's house and spent the next three days on many adventures including Bridal Veil Falls and Sundance to playing in the park behind his house. It was truly a nice vacation. On Sunday afternoon, we left his home and headed over to our friends the Mannings and spent the night there. Not only did we have an amazing dinner and dessert, we had a chance to visit with some really good friends! (Thanks to your family for hosting us... :) )
  • Monday we had two dr. appointments for my wife. They went okay. She is going to have to see both of them again in the next month or so. And, lucky us, we got to add another new dr. to the mix. That appointment is on Monday. Yippeee... lol. As Dr. Lichti put it, "Everyone needs a good doctor of internal medicine."
  • Tuesday I spent most of the day in meetings. I was able to receive training related to autism. I then met with several other people about various parts of the school year and our plans on how to approach it (book clubs and reading buddies).
  • The rest of the week up until this minute has been spent at school working and getting things ready. Last night was Back to School Night. I thought it went extra well and I was grateful to the parents that came. I enjoy seeing and meeting the parents of my students.
  • We just returned from Grand Junction. For my graduation present, my parents gave me new school clothes (ok, that is what I told them I wanted). I have several new shirts, new pants, belts, socks, and I am still looking for a pair or two of shoes. We looked in about 5 stores today, but nobody carries my size in a shoe that doesn't look like a 90-year old grandpa shoe (no offense to the 90 year old grandpas out there!)
  • Tomorrow is another day to be at the school and get work done. I hope to be done tomorrow so I can just enjoy the last few days of summer!
that is the quick and easy update. :) Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. This educator's life is about to get crazy again!



  1. Thanks for the update. Glad you were able to fit some fun in between all the travel, Drs. appointments and school prep. Thanks for all you do. :)

  2. Yep, school is just around the corner. So yes, I can imagine you're very busy. Here's wishing you all the best for the coming year. And it's always nice to hear about Mrs. H. I'm delighted she's getting better and better.

  3. When does school start for you? I hope you enjoy the last of your "Summer" days. =)

  4. Things do get busy, don't they? I for one know that I'll be at work all weekend still finishing all of those little last-minute things we usually don't think about.

    Hope you get a chance for some relaxing before Monday hits!

  5. Joan- We start on Wednesday with kids. :)


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