Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What A Sweetheart

So, my wife and I decided to get a second iPod. We had some money saved for it before the whole hospital thing and came to the conclusion that we still wanted to get it. I am glad we did. Now we both have a calendar that we can use, games to play, and a easy way to record and upload videos of the kids. Not to mention, my wife just flat out deserves something after all she went through, and this is something she wanted.

I was playing around with the video feature and was able to capture our little lady talking away. She is such a sweetheart.

Today was an interesting day. I don't feel like I got a whole lot done, and I guess that is what summer is for- lazy days.

On a side note, we did have a crazy wind storm today. I ended up reattaching some downspout to our house, climbing on the roof in my sandals (we were in a hurry and I didn't really think about it until it started raining and I started slipping) to glue down huge sections of shingles that had been bent back. I was trying to get it hooked down when it started hailing. That was fun. Not. I had to lay bricks on part of it because I ran out of roof repair. I had to do a second run (also in sandals, this time because I am lazy) and just put bricks to hold it down. So now our roof has a line of bricks across it. That's neat. But, the good news is it is only until we can get to a store and buy more roof repair. Then I will spend an early morning or late afternoon gluing down loose shingles. I was very grateful to have the storm blow over and have it clam down and clear up.

Well, lots to do tomorrow. I guess I best get back to chilling.




  1. Such a cutie you little Lindey is. I love hearing little ones talk.

  2. Ahhhhh! She had some things to say! So cute...=)

  3. A bit more chatty here than I've ever seen her before...

  4. Awww...There is nothing sweeter than baby babble. She is super cute!

    I love a good summer storm, but I'm sorry it caused havoc with your roof. Good luck with the repairs!

  5. Okay, I think Lindey sorta looks like Zaralyn did as a baby in that video, lol. She is so cute and sweet! <3 your little Lindey!!


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