Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sometimes life is just Silly!

Monkey 1: "Today is 9-10-11"

Monkey 2: "Yeah, except in other parts of the world, where it is 11-9-10"

Monkey 1: "Well, we'll show'em in a couple of months. They won't have any choice but to do it our way on 11-11-11!"

This came from and I thought it was pretty funny. This brings back the good 'ol days of college when my wife's friend, Ms. Jessica Adeline Leech would find silly ways to celebrate the ordinary little things. She would frequently celebrate the bewitching hour of 11:11pm (or am) and to this day when ever we notice the time 11:11 on a clock my wife and I tell each other to "make a wish".

It is the simple things that will bring us the greatest joys, I am learning. I am grateful that I have plenty of life left to master that ideal.


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