Tuesday, December 06, 2011


Six- day long sessions of SMART mentor training. That is what has been eating my time for the  last three weeks. The only downside to the whole event has been writing lesson plans for my guest teachers (which I appreciate SO much!). I have to say, that despite being thrown oodles of extra work that was painfully tedious, I have enjoyed learning the little in's and out's of the SMART Notebook software. Seeing as I have had a SMART Board in my room for the last 5 years, it was nice to know of the upgrades, additions, tweaks, and perks of the program. So, if you need a questions answered about the program, I might just be able to help you out.
Another perk of going was that I was able to choose from several technology options to add to my personal cache. I chose a class set of SMART Response clickers. Now my students can can quizzes, tests, impromptu surveys right from their desks. The bonus of this is that we can see as a class what our current level of understanding truly is. In fact, just yesterday, I learned that my students are not as confident with decimal place value as I had thought. I never would have got that much information that quickly with out the clickers. Yea.
Well, I best get back to working out tomorrow's lessons.


  1. Have fun with it! Me, I have shower board nailed over and old, painted-100-times-and-peeling, chalk board. :D

  2. Joan- LOL. Sorry to hear that. Find a grant and get you the "good" stuff. :) Hope you are doing well. Long time to talk.


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