Tuesday, May 15, 2012

13 Years Ago Today...

Once upon a time (like 14 years ago) a boy met a girl at college. He thought that she was way too popular and cool to talk to him, so he admired from a distance. Then, one day as this girl walked by his dorm room he made some random comment to her and she stopped to talk for a minute. That minute turned into a LONG LONG few hours.

After that, the boy had short conversations with the girl off and on. He really liked her, and asked her to a few dances. They had a good time, but he still doubted that this girl really liked him as much.

Graduation day came and he knew that he had to do something or lose her forever, SO, he kissed her, right there in his dorm room. The boy noticed that the girl was VERY shocked.

After that the boy kept in touch from a far distance. Then one day he decided that he wanted to marry her. She was in another state, but that didn't stop the boy. He had his family invite the girl to the local town celebration and then he took her to an overlook of the town and asked her to marry him. The girl was very surprised, but did agree to the proposal.

Because they lived in separate states, the boy and the girl were engaged for 8 months. The big day finally came and they were finally married. Sadly, between the wedding and the reception, the girl had to have a root canal. But that didn't stop the festivities.

Now, it is thirteen years later. The girl and the boy are the proud parents of six wonderful kids, have survived five moves, near death, loss of family, and much more. Shockingly, the girl is still in love with the boy, and the boy, is VERY grateful for that. He knows that without his girl, he would be completely lost. The boy should be better at showing his love and gratitude.

Happy Anniversary "girl", from your "boy". The boy LOVES you very much!



  1. If I didn't like you guys before, how could I not after reading this?

  2. Loved hearing "the rest of the story..."
    So glad "a boy and a girl" met and fell in love.

  3. The girl thinks you do just fine at showing how much you love her. :) Happy anniversary to the boy!

  4. Let's hear it for the boy! Let's give the boy a haaaaaaannd. hahaha got me singing the song :) Happy anniversay!

  5. Congratulations. I wish you many more years of happiness.

  6. Congratulations, Mr. H & Mrs. H! Here's to many more happy years together.

  7. Thanks for all the kind thoughts! They are greatly appreciated!


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