Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Will YOU Take the Challenge, UPDATE!

So, it has been about two days since the challenge was given. Here is an update of a FEW people that have participated. I am sure there are more (at least I HOPE this is more). It has been wonderful to see the challenge spread and be accepted by so many bloggers and others. I wanted to share the links to those few I know about.

Mindy's Musings left a wonderful tribute to her parents and other teachers who have helped her. Be sure to check it out.

Teacherself is a new blogging friend I have made through all this. I just LOVE the tribute that was given on her site. I think you will really enjoy her journey through the education system.

A Questions for the Teacher has also issued the challenge to her readers. Again, I have appreciated meeting new friends through this challenge.

Keep spreading the word! Keep encouraging those around you to remember and show appreciation for those teachers in their lives.

 If you have participated or are still planning too, thanks so much. Remember to leave a comment on the post that can be found HERE to be eligible for the prize drawing on Sunday. Also, when you comment, leave a link to your post there are well so other's can read about those that have most affected your life!

Keep It Up Team!



  1. To Mister H the 3rd, from Mister H the 2nd, about Mister H the 1st.
    I won’t claim he was the best teacher ever, but he was one of the best I ever had. For me, his classroom was the perfect blend of heaven and hell.
    It was heaven because of his great teaching skills, and the caring, considerate, loving, demanding man that he was. Every lesson came to life for me. He loved teaching, loved kids, and loved history, and could really get you into the lesson. It was always accurate and pertinent. He only assigned home work if he felt it was really necessary, and never as a punishment or just as busy work.
    It was Hell because I always felt like I could never do well enough to make him happy. He was always after me to do more and do it better.
    For many years I thought that he didn’t think I was a very good student. It wasn’t until much later in life and many years of teaching that I came to realize that he really just could see so much more potential in me than I could see in myself.
    I can see so much of him in you and your teaching. You are a great teacher and I really admire you for it. I really feel bad that most of your students won’t realize what a great opportunity they had in having you for a teacher, unto much later in their lives.
    I congratulate you on your love of teaching, your love of learning, and your loving, compassionate, demanding, considerate demeanor in the classroom.

  2. What a tribute to all 3 Mr. H.'s. See you are MEANT to be a teacher - it's in your genes. :-)


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