Monday, June 04, 2012

First Week of Summer

The first week of summer has come and gone, and A LOT has happened! Below are the pictures to help you "see" what we have been up to!

SOD (Thursday 5/31): Sutherland's had a great deal on sod, and since we have been wanting to do this for years, we finally decided the time was right to get it done! A HUGE thanks to my parents for all their help in getting the sod from Price. It was quite the event to get it all laid down. But we did. This was a huge part of my wife's upcoming birthday.

My baby girl woke up early on Friday. I needed to water the new sod, so I took her out with me and put her in her swing. She was being so cute. I loved spending some time with my little girl.

Saturday was my oldest's little league game. We had a small bbq in the outfield while we cheered the team on. Unfortunately, our team didn't win, but we sure had a great tailgate party! Wahoo!

My Wife's Birthday (Sunday)-
Considering that last year we were in Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in the ICU and my wife had just had her final surgery (a graft and five drains and a finally closed abdomen). Those were dark and scary days. Click HERE to read about her birthday LAST year. This year we had a bbq with my parents and a family friend.

 I guess my card was a tear jerker, though I didn't intend that. I sure do LOVE you babe. I thank God everyday that he left you here for us. I would be lost with out you. I love you.

This is a cake from my wife's visiting teacher.It is beautiful. How thoughtful it was for her to bring it. My wife also got a card and candy bar from another close friend.

This year for her birthday (aside from the sod, a clematis plant that she had wanted, and other yard improvements), I gave my wife a Hallmark Expressions bracelet with some add-on beads. The kids gave her the set with the heart that says (Mom), and I have her the red heart bead. I think she liked the set.

This apron is from my wife's good friend and neighbor H. Parsons. It was awesome and my wife loves it. She is grateful that she doesn't have to wear my old apron from my days working at the Tamarisk Restaurant. Thanks Mrs. P.

After everything was cleaned up from the party, we all just sat a round and visited and the kids played. It was a wonderful way to end the evening.

Little stinker! I told him to get off the grass. He looked at me, and started to wiggle his butt at me and giggled. What a cutie.

Happy Summer!
I am excited to spend lots of time getting my resources ready to sell on Teacher's Pay Treachers and just relax. That is a huge goal of mine this summer. To have plenty and family AND me time.



  1. Wow, that sod is gorgeous! I don't like our grass and would love to redo it. Unfortunately it isn't in the budget!

    Looks like you've had a wonderful first week of summer. Hope the rest is productive, yet restful. =)

  2. Thanks for the compliment! It has been a great week. Hope that you are doing well too! :)

  3. That's some really nice looking SOD. You're going to need a lawn mower, soon. And thanks for all the wonderful pictures.

    I enjoyed them all!


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