Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!
(okay, okay, I know it is the 5th- However- I was busy MAKING the memories yesterday.

My two oldest were sure cute. My wife and I have been going walking together the last few days. We get up pretty early and go for a short stroll. My two oldest thought we were still gone and had started to put together a 4th of July breakfast. My daughter convinced my son NOT to turn on the stove, which was an excellent call! They found me stilling out back and asked me to help make a surprise breakfast for my wife. 

Next thing I know we are whipping up red, white, and blue pancakes, bacon, eggs with cheese, and fresh fruit with whipped topping.
 My kids helped stir, flip, and cook. It was a fun experience. I really needed that positive time with my children. 

 My son decided that he wanted to make a flag out of the cooked pancakes. I like how it turned out. He wanted the pancakes red, but he had to settle with a pinkish color!

The little princess was our taste tester. She really enjoyed her patriotic breakfast!

As you can see, everyone was really enjoying the food. I think that mom enjoyed getting a break for making and serving the food.

 Now THAT is a patriotic stack-o-goodness! Ummm hmmmmm!

 Mom and our little girl ready for the day. I love how happy our youngest is. Hope that lasts!

We spent the day relaxing and.... relaxing. I got a bunch of science foldables made that I am excited to use this year. We also had a BBQ with my parents. My sister drove over from the other side of the county to visit as well. We enjoyed a great meal. I didn't even take any pictures of it. Lame, huh? My daughter made some really cute decorations for it and we hung up some banners and flag pennants around the backyard. It was nice.

When it got dark, we headed out to the sports park to enjoy granny's fireworks (love you mom) and the city's show. It was really good this year. Between what my mom bought, those around us had, and the city- it was quite the exciting experience and it cost us ZIP! (Wahoo!)
Below are some pictures of the fireworks and a video as well! Enjoy...

And... we are back. Short trip I know.

I hope that you 4th of July was relaxing and full of the American Spirit!


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  1. I love the Ian and Morgan wanted to cook breakfast for you guys. They are growing up so quickly!
    What a fun 4th of July for everyone from beginning to end!


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