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"Share the Wealth" Saturday- July 21, 2012

Welcome to "Share the Wealth" Saturday!

It seems that for many, summer has come to a crashing halt. For others, they are just settling into their summer routine. Regardless of your current "educational" timeline, you have come to the right place to enjoy some fantastic free items from very talented and creative teachers, like yourself, who are happy to share their work.

In the links below you will find an ever growing collection of useful and purposeful items to help you on your teaching adventure. Also, to make your browsing more helpful, a grade level suggestion for each item has been added. However, I will say this... I have taken ideas for grades that were above or below mine and tweaked them to fit my needs. After all, that what we do as educators, right? Adapt, adapt, adapt!

Without further ado, let the "gathering" begin!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

(from Created by MrHughes:


P.S. If you are a first-timer, check out the archive of past great freebies by clicking HERE!

One request that I do have is that if you download an item, you make the effort to leave feedback about it. It is NOT a requirement, just a helpful suggestion. We, as teacher-authors love to hear your thoughts on our ideas and resources.

(If you would like to add a free items, idea, etc. click HERE and submit it, OR add it to the Linky yourself. If adding yourself, in the name box put your item name and applicable grade level(s).)

"Share the Wealth" Saturday- July 21, 2012
"Share the Wealth" Saturdays Participants
1. Free Graphic Organizer from Created by MrHughes (Grades: 3-8)
2. Use of Lab Equipment and Data Analysis Skills by Science Stuff (Grades 7 - 12)
3. Meet the Fact Family Addition and Subtraction By Christi Squires (Grades 1-3)
4. Feed the Chickens, A Math Flashcard Game! by Dragon's Den (Grades 1-5)
5. Free Spanish Alphabet Chart (Grades PK-K)
6. Free English Alphabet Chart (Grades PK-K)
7. Synonyms & Antonyms by The Peanut Gallery
8. Is It a Letter, Word, Or Sentence? (k-2)
9. Olympic Puzzles & Art by the Lesson Lady
10. Tremendous Transportation Clip Art FREEBIE from Martha Moore (K-5)
11. Word of the Week Vocabulary Cards by Ann Fausnight (Grades: 2 - 4)
12. August Daily Bell Ringers for 5th Grade by Coach's Corner
13. Free Spanish Alphabet Letter Card Box Labels
14. Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapter 8 Reader's Theatre
15. 6 Ecology Crossword Puzzles by Science Stuff (Grades 7-12)
16. Sub tub Vicky Moore
17. A Full Classroom
18. Fun Back to School Survey - Addie Williams
19. Hyperbole created by sboone (Grades 5-8)
20. Student Friendly Step by Step Prompt to Solve a Word Problem (Grade 3 and up)
21. Sorting Odd and Even Numbers 1-20 by Diving Into Learning
22. Science Fair Project Planner from Upper Grades Are Awesome (Grades 4-8)
23. Roots of Numbers Word Wall
24. Charlotte Braddock
25. Poem with Class Book (1st grade)
26. Barb Evans
27. 6 Traits Writing Posters

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  1. Lots of great resources! Thanks!

  2. Mindy- Thanks so stopping by! Hope you found some great resources you can use! :O)

  3. I think I did it right this week! :0) Thanks for doing this.


  4. Barb- Thanks to YOU for participating. I love being able to help and share. Hope you continue to contribute. Have a great day.

  5. Wooooohooooo! You made the newsletter! That's awesome, my friend! So happy for you!


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