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Share the Wealth- February 16, 2013

Greetings Friends!

I am pleased to bring you another fantastic Share the Wealth Freebie Linky! I hope that you had an amazing Valentine's Day with your kiddos (or not, if you don't celebrate in your school!). I am always amazed at how fast the time flies between these particular posts. I feel like I just shared the wealth, and then here we go again. What a GREAT feeling! WAHOO!

Below is a listing of some GREAT ideas (and of course, they are all free!). Be sure to gather the goodies and remember to SHARE THE WEALTH by clicking on a Social Media button below! (I truly hope you will do this step- we need to get these amazing freebies out for lots of teachers to see- so pin to your collaborative boards, tweet about it to your best teaching friends, and Facebook like there is NO TOMORROW!)

Enjoy My Friends,
-Mr. Hughes

"Share the Wealth" Saturdays Participants
1. Valentine Numbers - FREE Clipart by Graphics from the Pond
2. February Themed Stationery {FREEBIE} by Mr. Hughes (Pre K-2)
3. Is it A Letter, Word, Or A Sentence by Teresa Williams (K-2)
4. Valentines Day Stationery Freebie / A Series of 3rd Grade Events/ Grades 2-6
5. Common Core Cut-and-Glue Math Workbook Pages for K and 1st (by Teacher Tam)
6. FREE Science Discourse Writing Prompts Mini-Pack (5-9)
7. Fruit of Spirit Bingo by Kathy Applebee (3-12)
8. !20 Chart Penguin Game (Gr 1-2), Linda Nelson
9. Black History Month Activities LMN Tree Grades 2-3
10. Reflecting on Learning Graphic Organizer from Raki's Rad Resources(2 - 8)
11. February Fun Behavior Notes - Brian Hopkins (K-6)
12. President's Day Compare & Contrast Created by Lisa Lilienthal (Grades 2-5)
13. Compound Words LIteracy Center by Mrs. Reed (Grades k-2)
14. Multiplying by 8 - Math Games and Lesson Plan From Fun To Teach (Grades 2-5)
15. Find it, Tally & Graph - Movie! By Erin Palleschi (Grades K-2)
16. It's Time to Rhyme {Dictionary Skills Game} by Darlene Anne (grades 3-10)
17. Peas In a Pod Compound Words from Teresa Williams (k-2)
18. Ranking Words Vocab Activity by TheRoomMom 4th-6th
19. Candy Sink or Float Experiment by First Grade in Foxwell Forest (Grades K-2)
20. Long A Illustrated Word Wall by Ms. Joanne (Grades 1-2)
21. Systems of Equations &. Inequalities Test by Gina Wilson (Grades 8-9)
22. St. Patrick's Day Clip Art FREEBIEPrimary Paradise
23. Fun with Titles Dr Seuss Game by UsingMyTeacherVoice (3-6)
24. True/False Number Sentence Practice by Leah MG Abatiell (Grades 1-3)
25. Rock Star Classroom Certificates (Grades K-6) by The Peanut Gallery
26. Angela's Ashes Venn Diagrams
27. Venn Diagrams for The Hunger Games
28. Careers in Biology Posters
29. Dear Teacher Letter by 2peasandadog
30. Rock Vocabulary Cards
31. Compliments Tally Sheet
32. My Book Boost Free Sample
33. Textbook Reading Strategy Scaffold (Grades 6-10) by Science in the City
34. Facebook Scientist Project Instr & Rubric by Science in the City (gr 6-8)
35. New Blogger Tips by 4mulaFun (All Grades)
36. Quote for Short Response Practice (Grades 5-8)
37. CUTE Signs For Any Classroom by Joy in the Journey
38. President's Day Writing Papers
39. During Reading Spin or Roll


  1. Thanks for continuing to offer this! I have added a freebie.

    1. @Ann-
      Thanks so much for your continued support.

  2. Love being able to join up! Thank you!

    1. @Jennifer-
      Thanks for your support! So much fun to share each week.

  3. Can't believe how quickly February is flying by...almost missed this one! Thanks for the chance to link up once again!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT??? Although, I won't complain when it is summer. I am just exhausted this year. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Loving the lovely pictures in your blog :)


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