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Share the Wealth Teacher-Author Spotlight: Arlene Sandberg

Greetings Dear "Wealthers"!

     How wonderful it is to once again welcome you to a great Share the Wealth post. With the speed that March is flying by at, we will zoom past state testing and the kiddos will be waving goodbye as they race out the door for summer fun.

     This week I am so pleased to bring you another wonderful teacher author. Let's get started...

I would love to introduce to you the owner of LMN Tree, Arlene Sandberg. Arlene hails from Tallahassee, FL.Here is what Arlene shared with me about herself, "I am a retired teacher with 33 years of teaching experience as an
elementary, special ed and ESL teacher and 4 years as an Education
Consultant developing curriculum and training teachers for an online
e-learning company. I've been married for over 43 years to a great
husband who is a retired military officer and have 2 grown children
and 6 grandchildren.  I started sharing free and paid items this past
January and at the age of 63 started my very first blog. My blog is about  best practices for helping teachers make a difference for their students. I offer lots of great free resources and free activities as
well as great strategies. I had an amazing teaching career and want to
give back to a profession that I love."

WAHOO! 33 years of service. Now that, my friends, is just plain awesome-sauce! And, with THAT level of expertise, you can bet that Arlene has plenty of amazing ideas to share with you. In fact, here are a few that I think are really worth your time.

Teacher-Author Spotlight "BEST OF"
1. St. Patrick's Day: Making Sentences and Writing Activities: Grade 1-2
2. Presidents Day Noun Sort for Grades 1-2 {FREEBIE}
3. Snow Poetry Unit : Poems, Plays, and Writing to Learn about Snow: Grades 1-2
4. Groovy Groundhogs: Learning about Groundhog Day and Groundhogs: Grades 1-2
5. Letter Recognition and Sound Games - Don't Get Skunked!
6. Busy Bees
7. First Grade CVC Word Games: Don't Get Skunked!
8. 1st Grade High Frequency Words "Don't Get Skunked!"
9. Frogs and Toads ELA Thematic Unit Grades 2-3

As you can see from this small sampling of Arlene's resources, this amazing teacher knows what she is doing. In fact, her 4.0/4.0 rating (based off of 471 feedback 'votes') speaks for itself.

Additionally, Arlene is currently offering 77 products in her store that cover all subject areas (including 15 FREEBIES- Click HERE to check those puppies out! WAHOO!).

If you are like me, the proof is what do those who actually USE the resources have to say about them. Well, here is a small sampling of what teachers have to say about Arlene's resources.

My Not So Elementary Life  (TpT Seller)

And, in the tradition of our Teacher-Author Spotlight feature, it is time to do a review of one of Arlene's resources so you can get an even better look at her handy work!

The item that I am going to be reviewing for you today is  Meandering Through March With Poems: Grade 1-2. Let's take a peek at a few of the 52 pages that are included in this fun kit!

Here is how Arlene explains this amazing kit:

This is an ELA Common Core Aligned March Poetry Unit for Grades 1-2. Students will learn about the holidays and events, and weather happening during March such as, March winds, St. Patrick’s Day, National Potato Chip Day, Beginning of Spring and Basketball which is the month of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. There are 8 original poems, 1 Mini Poetry Book: “Potato chip, Potato chip, What do you See?” Students will learn to write a Cinquain, a Holiday Poem, and a “How to be” Poem using Anchor charts to teach them how to write each form of poetry. Students will write 2 opinion pieces and 1 Informational Text related to events that occur in March.

Table of Contents
Common Core Standards
Poem: “March Is…”
Opinion Piece Writing: “What I like most about March” and Graphic Organizers
Writing Task Cards and Student Writing Pages
Poem: “When March Winds Blow”
“When March Winds Blow” Writing Activity
Cinquain: “The Wind” 
Writing A Cinquain Anchor Chart
Poem: “The Leprechaun”
Writing a Holiday Poem Anchor Chart and Activity
Chant: “Let’s Play Basketball”
Subject Poem: “Basketball”
Poem: “Wake-Up Sleeping Animals
How to be Poem: “How to be a Ladybug” 
Write a “How to be” Poem Activity
Poem: “Potato Chip, Potato Chip”
Make and Take Poem Book: “Potato Chip, Potato Chip
Opinion Piece Writing about Potato Chips
March Class Writing and Poetry Book Covers

Included in the kit are several fun poems with included activities. 

One of the parts I like best are the thought provoking writing prompts! This is the opinion prompts! And, even better is the included fun stationery to respond on. LOVE THIS!

     As you can see from this small sampling, there is a LOT of fantastic and engaging activities in this kit that your kiddos will LOVE! This kit currently sells for $5.49. I can't see any reason that you would not want to own this if you teach 1-2 grade students. Click HERE to get the little gem now!

Remember, you can find Arlene on Teachers Pay Teachers, her BLOG, PINTEREST, FACEBOOK and TWITTER!

Thanks so much for stopping by-
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  1. Wow - 33 years of teaching! As a beginning teacher, I am inspired and challenged by Arlene's commitment and expertise. I can't wait to browse her store :)

    Thanks for highlighting her - you did a very complete and comprehensive job and gave her a GLOWING recommendation.

    Joy in the Journey

    1. Jessica-
      So glad you popped by for a visit! I appreciate your kind words and I agree that Arlene is an amazing person. Have a great day.

  2. Thanks so much John for your wonderful spotlight of me. I truly appreciate the time you put into your teacher-author spotlights and your generosity to promote others.
    LMn Tree

    1. Arelene-
      Thanks so much for your willingness to be spot-lighted. It has been a pleasure to work with you and get to know you and your resources better! Have a fantastic day and please stop by often. :)

  3. Arlene,

    Wow! I am impressed. You are truly an inspiration to the teaching profession. Your continued dedication proves that. deserve a round of applause for your dedication to teachers, obviously you know what it takes to be one. Thank you for giving teachers this opportunity to shine.

    Sharon Winter
    Animal Crackers and Apple Sauce

    1. Sharon,
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I agree that Arlene is a great resource for us practicing teachers! I appreciate your kid words as well. Have a great night and stop by my blog often! You are always welcome here.

  4. Thirty-three years is an incredibly long time. She is indeed an amazing educator. Just imagine how many children she's taught over the years.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is always a great treat to have you visit. I hope all is going well for you.


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