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Share the Wealth- THEMED LINKY- SPRING Edition

Greetings and Welcome!

Whether you are a dedicated "Wealther" or visiting for the first time, you are about to experience a FIRST on this blog. This themed linky has been the talk of the town for several days now. With over 100 PAID items listed below that teacher-authors submitted JUST FOR YOU and over 20 amazing FREEBIES for you to claim, you just can't go wrong.

Being the "behind the scenes" guy for this event has allowed me to meet and become friends with some pretty amazing people. How grateful I am to both those teacher-authors who are willing to share with you and for YOU amazing supporters who give them (and me) a reason to continue with this glorious event. So thank YOU, THANK you, THANK YOU!

Before you get to clicking, I just wanted to remind you to SHARE THE WEALTH with all your friends and colleagues. Use the social media buttons below, please!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter, and always: SHARE THE WEALTH!

-Mr. Hughes

P.S. Many teacher-authors, including me, are having sales for the next two days, so you will REALLY want to check out the paid section for some smokin' deals! WAHOO!


Share the Wealth Theme Linky (Free) Participants
1. April Themed Stationery {FREEBIE} from Created by MrHughes (3-6)
2. Spring Solve and Snip- Probability by 4mulaFun (grades 6-8)
3. Spring Solve and Snip- Area and Perimeter
4. Fraction-Decimal-Percent Conversion Chart
5. Crazy Ladybugs - FREE Graphics From the Pond (All Grades)
6. FREE Spring into Subtraction! for Kindergarten, First, and Second (Teacher Tam)
7. Fractions Coloring Page: Using Half as a Benchmark by Amber Thomas (G: 3 to 5)
8. Script: The Case of the Missing Bride by Kathy Applebee (grades 8-12)
9. 30 copyright free scripture photos about New by Applebee
10. Very Hungry Caterpillar Sentence Scramble by All Y'All Need (K-2)
11. Spring Forward Into Prefixes by Hokie Teach, 3rd-5th Grades
12. Freebie! Earth Day Acrostic Poem by Lisa Lilienthal (Grades 1-5)
13. Easter Addition and Subtraction Board Games Brian Hopkins (K-2)
14. Plant Kingdom Graphic Organizer - Amy Brown Science Stuff
15. Springtime Adding 10 Freebie
16. Get Set for the Test-Key Word Posters FREEBIE
17. Spring Roll & Cover Math FREEBIE by Karen Jones (K-1)
18. Collaborative Reading Quads Freebie by Charlee Allen (Grades 4-8)
19. Bug Out! 3rd Grade Language Freebie by Jan Bernard (grade 3)
20. Trash to Treasure - FREE Ideas for Earth Day by Scip
21. SPRING Fruits and Vegetables Build the Sentence Printables (K-2)
22. Colorful Spring Banner
23. Spring Acrostic Poem Freebie by TheHappyTeacher {K-5}
24. Writing Poetry with Primary Students Based on Children's Lit. By Sue Wind (K-2)


                 PAID ITEMS HERE:

Share the Wealth Theme Linky (Paid) Participants
1. Sight Word Mystery Pictures MEGA BUNDLE #1 by MrHughes (Grades K-2)
2. Easy Teach Poetry Unit by MrHughes (Grades 3-6 )
3. Book Report Dodecahedron Project Kit by MrHughes (Grades 3-6)
4. Addition Bunny Fractions Brian Hopkins (4th-6th)
5. Easter Fun With Fractions Bundle by Blair Turner
6. SPRING Into a Great Book Bulletin Board Project by Fourth Grade Studio
7. End of the Year Writing Project: Create a Time Capsule
8. Fraction Centers Bundle by Blair Turner
9. Hands On Common Core Fraction Unit by 4th Grade Studio (Grades 3-5 )
10. Poetry and Figurative Language Unit: by Jen Bengel (grades 3-6)
11. Kindergarten Common Core Based Summer Skills Review Pack by Teacher Tam (Kinder)
12. Life Cycle PowerPoint "Am I a Frog?" created by Sheila Melton (K-2)
13. Spring Word Problems: Algebra Thinking by Fourth Grade Studio
14. Guided Reading Grade 2 Bundle {Levels I-L} Jen Bengel (Grade 2)
15. Elapsed Time Lines by Blair Turner
16. Task Card Templates by Amy Alvis (all grades)
17. Butterfly Cootie Catcher by Amber Thomas (Grades 3 & 4)
18. Energy Bungle by Amy Alvis ( Grades 5-8)
19. Plants, Fruits & Vegetables! Lit. & Math Activities- Sheila Melton (K-2)
20. Living & Non Living Things Science Picture Sort by Sheila Melton (K-2)
21. Spring Into Graphing / A Series of 3rd Grade Events/ Grades 2-4
22. Seasonal Board Game For Spring by Karen Langdon (Grade K)
23. Buzzing Into Literacy Stations by Cynthia Vautrot (pk-1)
24. Springing Into Literacy Stations by Cynthia Vautrot (1-3)
25. Quality Writing Book Study and Coloring Book by Shelley Rolston
26. Word Family Puzzles
27. Kindergarten Math Common Core Cut-&-Glue Workbook: Spring Theme (Teacher Tam)
28. Poetry Unit and Figures of Speech by TheRoomMom, 4th-6th
29. Spring Common Core Activities for Kindergarten by Karen Jones
30. Take the Madness Out of Research Projects! by Jan Bernard (grades 3-5)
31. April Fraction Word Riddles by Scipi
32. Scrambled Squares Math 5 & 4.NF.1 Puzzles by Pam DAlessandro
33. Springing Into Literacy Stations by Cynthia Vautrot (Grades 1-3)
34. Farm animals in Spring (Gr 2-3)
35. Learning Our Numbers Early Readers by All Y'All Need K-2
36. ABC Order Picture Puzzles by Fishyrobb (Grades 1-3)
37. Springing into Division Pack by TeachingLife
38. Personal Narrative Writing Project for Primary Grades by Lisa Lilienthal
39. Opinion Writing Project for Primary Grades by Lisa Lilienthal (Grades 1-2)
40. Planet Earth Awards for Earth Day - Amy Brown Science Stuff
41. Plant Kingdom Unit Bundle - Amy Brown Science Stuff
42. Welcome to Middle School by Right Down the Middle with Andrea (6-8)
43. My Pre-K Memories by Right Down the Middle with Andrea (PreK)
44. Testing Incentives by Right Down the Middle with Andrea (K-12)
45. Spring Multiplication Mosaics-Color By Math Facts
46. Bunny Trouble Booktivities
47. Apply what you know: Create a CD/Album Cover for Any Topic by Mrs. Schneider
48. Student-Created Newscast Assignment (editable) by MrsSchneider (Grades 6-12)
49. Seven Activities Leading up to the Constitution by MrsSchneider
50. Math Chat (Gr.3-8)
51. The 3 M's Made Easy (Gr. 4-8)
52. Primarily Plants: Math, Science & Literacy Unit by Karen Jones (K-1)
53. Spring Math, Literacy, & Art by Lesson Lady (Gr. 3-5)
54. Spring Holiday Nonfiction Readings by Charlee Allen (Grades 4-6)
55. Farm Animals in Spring Shelley Rolston 2-3
56. "Spin to Win" Game Template by Gina Wilson (All Grades)
57. Multi-Step Equations Relay Race by Gina Wilson (Grades 7-10)
58. Pythagorean Theorem Notes & Bingo by Gina Wilson (Grades 7-10)
59. Rabbit Race: Division Games and Task Cards by Jan Bernard (grades 3-4)
60. Third Grade Language Task Cards by Jan Bernard (grade 3)
61. This Land is Your Land~ A State Symbol Research Project by Leah MG Abatiell
62. "World's Best Mom" Writing Craftivity and Gift Book by Primary World
63. Springtime Common Core Games on the 120 Chart, gr 1-2, Linda Nelson
64. Swing Into Spring Math & Literacy Activities for K and PreK, Linda Nelson
65. Spring Thing Picture Prompts for Writing, K-2, Linda Nelson
66. Spring Bookmarks by Groovy Educator (all grades)
67. Flowers and Insects by Primary Partners (K-2)
68. Informational Narrative Study Guide by Pam DAlessandro (4-5)
69. Math Mega Bundle for K-2 Centers by TheHappyTeacher {K-2}
70. Addition & Subtraction Printables by TheHappyTeacher {K-2}
71. ABC Order Mega Pack by TheHappyTeacher {K-2}
72. Spring ABC Trace Class Book by Christine Maxwell PreK-1
73. Spring Flashcards by Christine Maxwell (PreK-1)
74. Sports Ball Puzzles by Christine Maxwell (PrK-1)
75. Spring Classroom Job Charts by Top Notch Teaching (Grades K-7)
76. Les Fleurs du Printemps (Spring Activities in French K-2)by Lucy S.
77. Measurement Mayhem with the Halflings- 4th through 6th Grade by 4mulaFun
78. April Shower Synonyms by Teresa Williams (k-3)
79. Write the Room - Bugs/Insects by Christina Mauro (K-3)
80. Spring Flowers (K-2) by Lucy S.
81. 2d/3d Shape Hunt with QR Codes by Tama Trotti (Grade 1-2
82. Crystal White
83. Earth Day Celebration! Writing templates and Graphic Organizers (Grades K-3)
84. Numbers and Operations in Base 10 Common Core Braintwisters: Springy Thingies
85. Poetry Presentation Project for Grades 6-8 by Paul Chandler
86. Litter Bug Project
87. Equivalent Fraction Kite
88. Wacky Words Parts of Speech Practice for Spring by Primary Paradise (Grades 1-5)
89. Figures of Speech Tic Tac Toe by TheRoomMom
90. Busy Bees by LMN Tree (Grades 2-3)
91. Monkey Around with Math by LMN Tree (Grade 1)
92. Fishing and Camping Literacy Centers by LMN Tree(Grades 1-2)
93. Umbrella Glyph with Literacy & Math Activities by Krazy in Love With K
94. Spring Math Centers Packet by Mel From the Pond (Grades 1-2)
95. Spring PK K Math and Literacy by The Fun Factory (PK K)
96. Spring Is So Tweet - Chalk One Up for the Teacher
97. Hatching Chicks: Chickens: Farm Mini Unit - Science Learning Centers
98. Spring Funky Flowers Language Arts and Math Pack by Pirate Girl (Gr: 1-3)
99. Spring-themed Flashcards & Task Cards for Patterning by Teacher's Toolkit ( K-1)
100. Writing Poetry with Primary Students by Sue Wind Grades K-2
101. The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Deana Thelen for 1st grade


  1. AWESOME! Thanks for putting this together.

    1. Thanks! Glad you stopped by. Enjoy looking around! :)

  2. Thanks for this chance to promote our items!! You are awesome!


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

    1. You are most welcome. Thanks for participating and for being so amazing. I love when good friends stop by! Have a wonderful night.

  3. As always you are super organized and on the ball! What a great list and resource for teachers. I have linked directly to this page from my FREEBIE. I appreciate all that you do for us Mr.Hughes, I wish there were more of you in this world. Happy Easter to you and your are truly blessed.

    1. Thanks so much for your kindness. You made my whole day. I just love bringing teachers and quality resources together. Have a wonderful evening and thanks for sharing and being part of this journey.

  4. What a wonderful collection of resources! Thanks for gathering them all in one place :-)

    1. I am so pleased that you stopped by. Thanks for your kind words and don't be a stranger! :)

  5. Thanks for the great links!!


    1. You are most welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Mr Hughes, l really appreciate this opportunity to share a free item with high school math teachers. I don't understand how to make the link work with Mr. Link's Wizards. Could you email me at to explain? I have an account there but don't understand the code part or how to link to you. Thanks!


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