Friday, April 26, 2013

Share the Wealth- Teacher-Author Spotlight- Teacher Tam

Dear Friends,
I am so pleased to have you back for another exciting edition of my Teacher-Author Spotlight. I was looking over my notes last night and I noticed that I started doing Share the Wealth Teacher-Author Spotlights almost 9 months ago! HOLY MOLEY!!! The best part of Share the Wealth is getting to meet and interact with amazing teachers from around the US and world. What a blessing that has been. Today's teacher-author is just as amazing as the rest. Let's get this party started! WAHOO!

Today I am pleased to introduce you to Teacher Tam, from Illinois. When I asked her about herself, this is what she shared:
"I am a part-time kindergarten teacher and a full-time mom to three little ones under 5!  I have been teaching for 15 years, with most of them spent teaching a mixed preschool and kindergarten class.  I actually started out in another field, but went back for my degree in teaching.  It was meant to be!  I love the collaboration that takes place on TPT.  It is wonderful to be a part of a community of teachers who are always striving to improve themselves professionally."

Well, I am SO glad she went back for her teaching degree. I haven't worked with Teacher Tam, as in the same building, but I have noticed her interactions with her colleagues on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) and find her to be a very encouraging and supportive teacher. As I was browsing her TpT shop, I noticed that she definitely knows her stuff when it comes to teaching lower grades. Here, let me show you what I mean:
Teacher-Author Spotlight Resources Participants




You will notice that Teacher Tam has offered two free resources for you to enjoy (and you will totally want to check them out!)

Now, some statistics:
-Teacher Tam has the support of over 2,100 teachers who follow her store.
-Teacher Tam has had over 5,700 teachers rate her products and leave her feedback.
-Teacher Tam has a 4.0/4.0 rating! WAHOO!

As I have already mentioned, Teacher Tam ROCKS when it comes to hands-on, interactive activities! Even though I teach 6th grade, I am the father of 6 amazing kiddos (ages 2-12). One of those is a Kindergarten student so I KNOW what makes them tick and what they find engaging and interesting. So, when Teacher Tam asked me to review her Kindergarten Math Common Core Cut-and-Paste Workbook, I KNEW that I could give a very informative opinion.
I will start by giving you a visual tour of several of the 52-page workbook you get!

As you can see form this VERY small sample of pages is a phenomenal way to teach ALL 22 of the common core standards in the Kindergarten Common Core Math Standards. Such, it comes at a price (currently $6) All standards for $6- seriously? Like STEAL OF THE CENTURY! I just love that each page is engaging and high-interest for little learners.

However, don't just take my word for it, here is what those who have purchased it have to say:


Thanks for joining us here for another great post! I wish you a wonderful week and hope! Leave a shout out for the amazing Teacher Tam and remember to check out her resources!

Have a great weekend and please stop by again soon!

-Mr. Hughes

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