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Share the Wealth Teacher-Author Spotlight- Scipi

Happy Saturday!
Many MORE of you, my good friends, have escaped into the wilds known as "SUMMER BREAK!" and many more of my dear friends and hanging on as best you can. will be here soon...

With summer comes the need for relaxing and regrouping. I have not even thought of school for the past two weeks of my summer vacation. However, starting next week, I will be going in to my classroom a couple times a week and start the regrouping process. That means deep cleaning files and letting go of "treasures" that I haven't used for the past several years

Today's Teacher-Author Spotlight is Scipi! The name SCI and PI refer to the science and math connection in her love of learning and teaching.

Here is what Scipi has to say about herself: "I graduated from college in the 60’s; so, you know I have been doing this for a very long time, but I still love it! I have been blessed with many diverse teaching situations from teaching the visually impaired for three years to working with the hearing impaired.

I have experience in every grade level either as peer coach, student teacher advisor, resource instructor, or teacher. I now teach remedial math at our local community college, and I find that most of my students are mathphobics.

Since math is my background, many of my products featured on TPT are math games, activities, puzzles, or tests. I do dabble in science resources since my husband is a middle school science teacher.
In whatever classroom I teach, I always post this sentence by George Poyla. “It is better to solve one problem five ways than to solve five problems the same way.” I believe in teaching many math strategies using a hands-on and interactive approach, even on the college level. That includes singing, doing cheers, using manipulatives, drawing pictures, playing games, etc. My goal in life is to cure one mathphobic at a time!"

Ha ha. I LOVE that, to cure mathophobs. I do realize that there are many people who are scared to death of math and math problems. But, I can tell you from looking over Scipi's resources, that she CAN indeed, help you overcome you or your student's fears!

Here is a small list of treasures from Scipi's 116 currently available resources! Yup! 116 ways to help teach your kiddos math and science and even some "stuff" in between! There are a couple FREEBIES included as well, so check THOSE out TOO!

Teacher-Author Spotlight Resources Participants






I love browsing stores on TpT. So many amazing creative ideas and Scipi is no exception. With several pages of resources to view, prepare to stay awhile.

Scipi's rating of 4.0/4.0 is great, but add to that that over 1500 users of her resources have given that rating and that says a lot about the quality of the resources that are being offered. In fact, I would like to share one of those with you right now...

Scipi is offering a great FREE resource called Dots Fun for Everyone. Here are a few pages from this 9 page resource. All 4 of these fun activities use dominoes (don't have'em? no worries- there is even a sheet of black lines for a domino set. See below) and will have your kiddos learning all sorts of math concepts!

 What are you waiting for? Click on over HERE and get this great free resource. She has currently given away over 13,000 copies of it and yours it there for the taking. :)

You can find Scipi on Teachers Pay Teachers, her BLOG, and on PINTEREST. Be sure to let her know you were here as well. :)

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Have a fantastic weekend my friends, and stay happy!

-Mr. Hughes

You can find more amazing authors like Scipi on my Pinterest Teacher-Author Spotlight Board. Click HERE to check out the amazing teachers that have been spotlighted since September 2012!

Please Note: This was NOT a paid review of this teacher-author. Neither money nor product influenced my opinions or statements about this seller and his/her products. Also, prices, ratings, and changes to products after my review may occur, but I do strive to give the most current and accurate information possible at the time of this posting.

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