Friday, July 26, 2013

A Created by MrHughes Update!

I feel like I have been missing in action for the past couple of weeks... and I guess that is because I HAVE been.

However, it was for a good reason! I have been pouring my heart and soul into my latest series Language Arts Daily Dose. I am currently working/stressing/praying over/screaming at the 6th grade edition!

I know you are thinking that it can't be THAT stressful. It probably isn't, but I want it to be amazing, so I fuss and fidget over it until I can live with it. So far I have Sets 1 and 2 done Week 1-4 and Weeks 5-8! I LOVE how they are turning out. I am crafting them very carefully so they spiral AND scaffold the student's learning of concepts. I have been able to cover topics like using a web organizer, all the parts of speech, spelling patterns, test taking tips, a cursive sentence each day, and, I love the Friday sheets. They are different in the sense that students have to use their learning to complete an activity (usually writing based). I plan to have the other 7 sets out during the school year, hoping for one each month through March- which would be the 36 weeks worth.

One other thought about these. I have had many questions about other grade levels. That is something that I will have to decide on after the 6th grade level is done. :) Just know that these are perfect for 5th graders who need a good challenge and provide an excellent opportunity to reteach 7th and up that need extra practice or reinforcement in Language Arts concepts.

To see the sets, click on a picture.

Hmmm... what else have I  been up to? Well, I have started selling my resources on new site. ePals' Tools for Schools. It has been an amazing experience. I was asked to speak with the project director and I am excited about some opportunities that will be coming my way from this amazing new adventure. If you haven't had a chance to check out this brand-new site, do so now! I encourage your to keep checking back because they are getting feedback and updating the look of the site often to match the needs and demands of the teaching world!  Click on the picture below to check out the site!

I have so many ideas I want to get created for my classroom, I just need about 40 more hours in a week. But, I wouldn't trade being a daddy for ANYTHING! My 6 sweet kiddos are the reason I do this. 

I hope you have an amazing Friday evening and wonderful weekend! Don't miss the Freebie Linky tomorrow. There is some pretty exciting news included in THAT post too!

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Mr. Hughes

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  1. Yay! I am first to comment! The thing I find the most challenging about teaching language arts is fitting it ALL in. There are so many expectations for teaching writing...There is NOT enough time in the year to cover all the expectations, spend in depth time, and then assess, reteach, review and evaluate. This program looks like it could take a lot of the worry about covering the important parts in depth. With the spiral approach you have created, I think that kids will get a chance to really consolidate some skills.

    1. I couldn't agree more! That was the driving factor for creating this resource. How do I get a lot of skills in, in a short amount of time, and still give them authentic practice. I hope that is what I have achieved in these sets. Thanks for your thoughts and for stopping by. WAHOO!

  2. The most challenging part of language arts to me would be the writing portion. To make the time each day, week, etc. I love how you have it spiral around. I think the students would benefit with a program like this. Plus ... All of your items are the best!

    1. Melanie-
      Thanks for your thoughts (and kind words about my resources). I agree that writing seems to be the most overwhelming. I used to think of it as a separate concept or topic from grammar. Then one day I finally put it all together. Writing is the PRACTICE place for all those skills. Its the mini-lessons, the moments of focus, the student-teacher discussion points, and we teach and practice ALL YEAR LONG! When I realized that, it seemed less daunting and more enjoyable. I wish you great success this coming year. :)

  3. This is my first year in my own classroom, so I am anxious about fitting it all in. I will be teaching both 4th and 5th grade, so I will be following this post for advice.

    1. Oops, forgot to leave my email.

    2. MikesMom- You are going to have an amazing ride! Lots of ups and downs. Remember that management is the number one thing you will want to focus on. You can't get anything taught if you aren't in control. :)

      I look forward to hearing how it goes. Feel free to ask questions as you go. I am sure that I, or one of our amazing colleagues can help with what ever you need! ROCK ON!

  4. What great products, Mr. Hughes! You've been keeping busy! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Mindy! I appreciate your kind words and help. Have a great day. :)


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