Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bright Light Pillow- A Kid Crazy Moment!

I don't know about you, but everytime we go in a store, my children BEG for this! So, when I was offered the chance to review it, I decided it would totally be worth it!

The packaging was easy to open and the product was well packaged. I didn't feel like I was getting a product that had been opened or "used".

The color is white. I am not sure if it comes in other colors, but as a parent, THAT color wasn't my favorite. White gets dirty and grimy so fast. (Although the kids have hardly let it out of their hands since the got it and it is still white, so that is something!

My 10 year-old daughter saw me open it and was immediately my best friend. She helped me put the three AAA batteries inside and was happy to take it off my hands. It was all I could do the get a few pictures of it lighting up!

These pictures are in daylight. I was surprised at how bright the pillow is. It alternates between all sorts of colors so the pillow really is gender neutral. Even my 13 year-old son was interested in it and wanted to hold it and use it.

Here are the kids attacking it! ha ha.

Our family has been using this pillow for two days now and the kids LOVE IT! They have set up a schedule for who gets to use it each night. I love that is turns off after 15 minutes on its own and that it doesn't heat up at all. My only dislike of this entire product is that the battery pack is fairly large and hurts if your head lands on it when you lie down. Of course, this pillow would by no means replace your child's regular pillow, rather it is a fun version of a nightlight. 

Overall, I would give this pillow 4 stars out of 5, for the reasons mentioned above.

The Kids Reviews. I thought that it would be fun have the kids tell you in their own words their thoughts about the Bright Light Pillow:

There you have it- straight from the kiddo's mouths. As a teacher, I can see having one in the classroom that we turn on and then students read until it turns off (15 minutes). Maybe even let the star student/student of the day keep it at their desk during reading time.

Thanks for stopping by. You can pick one of these fun pillows up on line at retailers like Amazon as well as your local department store.

Mr. Hughes

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