Thursday, November 14, 2013

Something NEW to VIEW! A $600 Giveaway!

     I am excited be teaming up with The Teacher Studio (along with many, many other bloggers) to bring you an AMAZING giveaway. You can enter for FIVE, yes 5 days to enter for amazing prizes!

     Before your click on over to enter the giveaway, I hope you will take a peek at my new Time Saver Book Report

     I created this resource for some fellow teachers at my school who were feed up with a majority of their students not completing and submitting a project for their book report, not to mention the 1-3 days of reading time it was taking to present said book reports. They wanted something engaging, timely, and concise.

     Enter the Time Saver Book Report Project. This project allows you to create and present book reports in about 60 minutes. Yup, in ONE reading class period, your students should be able to create AND share their book report projects. With two different formats, AND two suggested formats for presentations, this might just be the best thing that has happened to you so far this school year.

Included in the Time Saver Book Report is:

-Two different project sheets

-Two different participant logs (where students must record information about each book that is presented in the small group setting, or nine of their classmates books in the gallery walk option).
-Teacher Directions and Suggestions for Use.

Get it now for only $2.50 in one of my many shops.

Now, get on over to The Teacher Studio and enter for a chance to WIN BIG! WAHOO!

Mr. Hughes

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