Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Flashlight Friend. A Product Review


I was given the opportunity to have a Flashlight friend in our house for my kiddos to review! Now, the teacher in me TOTALLY thought about how this could also be used in the classroom. Now, for the upper grades, it probably WOULDN'T be used, but I could TOTALLY see lower grades, especially Kindergarten and first grade. What a fun reading buddy these would make.  And, the light turns off after 10 or so minutes, which is nice for battery life. It uses two AAA batteries which are NOT included 
The flashlight is VERY bright. I was actually impressed at the volume of light that is produced by this furry little creature. There is also a handle on the back of the Flashlight friend that is supposed to be a handle so that this can be used as a flashlight. I wasn't as impressed with the handle as I felt like it would be ripped off in a short amount of time.

I opened this about two weeks ago and turned it over to my kids. I wanted to get a good first-hand experience with how this would hold up. I have 6 children from ages 2-13. Each one took a turn to use it and give me feedback. You have to tap the lens on the flashlight twice to turn the light on. I was curious to see if my 2 year daughter could operate it. Yup, she sure can. AND, she LOVES this thing.

Rather than type the reviews of a couple of my kids, I made videos. Enjoy listening to my kiddos tell you how THEY feel about this toy.

Well, there you have it.
I think the quality of the item is actually much higher than I expected and I would definitely purchase more of these for my kids if it was something they asked for as a gift, etc.

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Mr. Hughes


  1. Hehe, sneaky! Is he meant to be reading at night!
    Your children are adorable John!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Ha ha. Yeah, my 3rd grader that is reading in the high 800 Lexile range. Has read two Percy Jackson books in less than 4 weeks. He is a smarty pants. Thanks for the kind words.


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