Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ice Cream Magic Maker (A Product Review)

Our kids have seen the commercial for this many, many times on TV, so when I was given the opportunity to review this items, I was a little excited. After all, I thought, if this works well, it could turn out to be a fun reward activity for one of my classes at school (I teach 4-6 grader writing and science).

We planned to let each of our six children have a turn making a flavor of their choice. The directions and device are simple enough to use and understand, AND, it comes with quite a menu of ice cream flavors you can make. Here are the picture of the first time through!

 You just heavy cream, vanilla...


 and chocolate syrup (for chocolate ice cream, of course)

When all the ingredients are in, you put on the leak-proof lid and put the top on. Then you are supposed to shake it for three minutes. (The base is filled with ice and 1/2 cup of table salt!) We set the timer and my ice-cream loving son went to work.

When he was done shaking, the ice cream was no where NEAR ready. So, we happily put the lids back on and set if for a couple more minutes. Even then, it was not close to ice cream, and bordering on a shake consistency. The kids all ate some. My oldest son lost interest at this point and went to watch TV.

Undaunted, we decided to try again. Maybe it was just a weird mixture of ingredients that we chose, so we repeated the steps for a different flavor. Sadly, we never made it to the shake-it stage because the spill-proof lid wouldn't go back on. The cold had warped it. We trashed the ingredients, broke out the "real" ice cream (as our kids were very sad that it didn't work) and enjoyed that instead.

So, bottom line: Would we buy this? Probably not. It was frustrating for our kids to do all the work and not get an ice cream at the end. The thing we were most disappointed about was that it started to leak after the first round. Maybe we just got a defective maker, but it was enough for this family to say, "No Thanks" to trying it again.

I had several videos to upload, but Blogger keeps giving me and upload error and I am sick of trying to get it to work... sigh.

On a ten star rating system, I would give this product a 5. It was okay and fairly inexpensive. However, it just didn't cut it with my kids!

Have a great day-
Mr. Hughes


  1. Looks like you have one "overly excited" shaker!

    1. He is our Ice Cream KING! ha ha. It's too bad it didn't work better, he was SO excited for this little device! I hope YOU are well my friend, it has been to long since we have chatted!


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