Thursday, February 20, 2014


     I LOVE math. I love the rules, the formulas, the exactness. I also appreciate the fun that can be had when math is combined with other subjects! Geometry was a challenging topic for me in high school- after all, who cares about proofs... ha ha. BUT, I love working with shapes. I am a hands-on learner. Hence, when I started designing resources, I fell in love with the idea of turning 3D geometric shapes into objects that helped students excel in other areas of learning- like writing, reading, art, and the like. 
     It has been so fun over the past two years to make about 13 different dodecahedron projects for my students. Do I use all of them every year? Nope. But I have an arsenal of them from which I can pull.
     Why all this information you ask? Well, I am pleased as punch to tell you that I am offering my bundle for an even LOWER price than you see on the picture below. 
     Yup, that right- that $32.99 already represents a 20% discount. But for the next 11 days, you can get all nine of these projects below for 43% OFF! 

Remember- the $32.99 is currently $23.99 for the next 11 days!!!!!!

Don't just take my word for it! Here are blog posts that SHOW and TELL all about these projects!

If you are like me and want your students to experience math concepts with their hands, then you will love this resource. Click HERE to check it out (or on the picture above)! 

Rock on my friends!
-Mr. Hughes

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