Saturday, February 01, 2014

Product Review: POP CHEF

Back in October, I was selected to review several items and this is the one we waited on until the last- because my kids were SO excited to use it! In fact, my daughter begged every day for about three weeks before I finally agreed that I had time to video it in use for this post.

With great anticipation she opened the package (which you will see in the video) and started looking at all the fun attachments. My wife cut several different food items into slices for her (bread, kiwi, cheese, and apples). My daughter, seeing the commercial and knowing how it works went right to work. As you will see in the video, it didn't go quite as planned. The cheese didn't pop-out, just a corner did. She moved on to other food items, with a similar result. The one that came the closest to actually "popping" out.

Over all, we were very disappointed with the end results. My daughter was disappointed that it didn't work as shown on the TV, but she still had fun cutting all the food into shapes. Towards the end, the popper part actually broke, so we just use the attachments without it.

The parts are pretty flimsy. They do show that a watermelon rind was cut using it, but I am hard pressed to believe that after holding the pieces in my hand.

Would we buy this? Probably not- but again, my daughter (and 5 other kids) LOVED cutting the food into shapes.

Check out this video review of it in action and have a great day!

-Mr. Hughes


  1. Hit and miss, isn't it. Don't think we'll be buying it either. Good ol' fashion cookie cutters are your best bet. I do like your "diplomatic" review though!

    1. Hey Friend! So good to have you stop by. I really need to swing by your blog one of these days. Sorry I have been MIA! And, AMEN TO COOKIE CUTTERS! Cheers!


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