Saturday, December 13, 2014

Giving Back 100%: Huntsman Cancer Institute

A day of Giving Back was thought up by one amazing friend, Erica Colon (Nitty Gritty Science). Many sellers on are joining together is a day of giving back to those in need.

Each seller has chosen a charity that they hope to provide support to which means that LOTS and LOTS of organizations are going to get a little holiday boost in their accounts to help even MORE people in need. WAHOO!

Get Your Shop On: DECEMBER 14, 2014

It will be easy to identify those that are participating because their store logo will look like the one above for the entire day, December 14th. You can also use the linky below to find other sellers.

I want to tell you about the organization that I have chosen to donate 100% OF MY SUNDAY SALES to!

Huntsman Cancer Institute was started in 1995 by the Huntsman family. Jon M. Huntsman, a cancer survivor TWICE, felt that he wanted a more personal and caring atmosphere than what he experienced as he battled this horrible disease. In the past nearly 20 years the Huntsman Cancer Institute has grown into the world leader in cancer research and patient care. People come from all over the US to receive care, consultation, and support. This amazing facility even provides a research library for families to read about and learn what is being done to treat their condition and/or disease.

I know that my sister always felt taken care of and at ease when she was being cared for by the wonderful staff at Huntsman. Even in her last moments, the nurses and doctors were telling her what they were doing for her, talking quietly and kindly with her, and working to make her as comfortable as possible. They cried with us, and helped our family through that rough day.

If you would rather donate directly to (or want to donate extra) to the Huntsman Cancer Research Institute, you can click HERE. Please donate in my sister's name: Paula Lee Hughes Madsen (unless you have someone else in mind). Thank you SO much. The hope of a cure for cancer is the prayer of so many families that are dealing with this horrible problem!

If I can get $350 in sales to make a one-time donation, a brick will be placed in my sister's honor on the walk of hope path between the research center and the hospital! So that is my GOAL! $350 in sales. But, I need YOUR help to make it happen. Even better, there is an anonymous donor that will match ALL donations made until his/her $20,000 is met. That means that my $350 will be donated as $700! WAHOO!
We can do it!

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  1. What an amazing idea and a wonderful cause!
    Consider it done! :)


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