Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Product Review: Happi-Nappi Chair Bags for School Desk Chair

Hello My Friends-
It has been a LONG time since my last post. My life has been crazy-busy. I interviewed for and was hired to be the full-time administrator for my school a couple of weeks ago, and so I am finishing out this year as the 1/2 day 6th grade teacher and the full-time admin.

So, in this post, I want to review a product that I received back in October. This is NOT a paid post, and I always do my best to give my honest opinion of a product. If it is not something I would use, or don't feel is helpful, I will make it very clear in my review!

The picture below is of the Happi-Nappi Chair Bag. Cynthia Talley (the owner of Happi-Nappi) and I had several conversations about her product and she agreed to send me a chair cover to try out. My thoughts after getting the chair bag... THEY ARE AWESOME!

I have been using a different brand of chair pockets with my students for several years and I have LOVED them. To me, these chair pockets are a requirement in my classroom. Students use these to keep papers organized and out of their desks as well as their

Then, THIS happened. This amazing and wonderful bag! Ladies and Gentlemen- This bag is da bomb! Let me tell you why:

1) It is extremely well built! That is huge for students, esp. in upper grades where they tend to be hard on everything (you should see my playground equipment).

2) Pockets are deep. My daughter (who is in my class and was MORE than willing to test-drive this for me- which was actually a fight for the students on who wanted to use it!) said that she disliked the deep pockets, but we talked about it and she agreed that the deeper pockets were nice in that everything stayed put. She told me that getting her file folders out was harder and that her folders were getting ripped.  Given the choice, I would still take the deep pockets because papers aren't hanging out and falling out.

 3) There are many more pockets that you would find on a typical chair bag. LOVE THAT!

Here are several more shots of this awesome product:
 You can see how deep the big pocket it! A teachers dream of not having to see all the papers!

It does hang lower than other chair bags I have used, but that doesn't bother me, in fact I think it helps to  keep the chair better balanced and keeps it from becoming top heavy and tipping over.

I also like that it is shorter in the front so that it gets less wear and tear from students feet, etc. as they sit in their chairs, on their feet on their chairs, etc.

This is just simply one amazing product. Here is a short video about the company and how they make the bags:

You can learn more about these useful and well-constructed bags (including current pricing and even more suggestions for use) by clicking HERE!

So, do I recommend this product? ABSOLUTELY! I LOVE MINE!
Are there drawbacks? Only the possibility of  the deep pockets being harder to manage for some students- but I do NOT think this is a huge issue and I would buy these for my class in a heart beart. The price is the same as or less than the ones I currently use, and the quality is higher, in my opinion!

Thanks for stopping by- YOU ARE ALL ROCK STARS!

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