Saturday, November 07, 2015

Chalkola! Markers You Can't Live Without!

Okay Peeps!
I have to tell you that when I got an email asking if I would like to try out chalk markers and give an honest review of them, I didn't really know what to think. I ALWAYS give an honest review- so THAT wasn't an issue. I just wasn't sure what I would do with these markers. When they explained that they would write on practically ANY surface and were washable I was intrigued as I could have a lot of fun with my teachers and students at school. They sounded pretty cool, and so I agreed. I waited the short shipping time to receive them, and came they did!


That is all  have to say. 

Blog post over.

Just kidding. These babies are super cool though. I was sent two sizes to play with. My WIFE (the amazing Mrs. Hughes) saw them and snatched them right up for posters she was making for the school Halloween Carnival. I was worried she would use all the ink in them (after all, most markers like this don't last all that long). However after making 5 HUGE signs with the FAT and FINE TIP markers, they still have plenty of chalk ink for me to play with. WAHOO!

 My wife started with the white FAT TIP to write the main word on each poster.

Her friend then used the FINE TIP set to write the smaller words on the posters. I could NOT believe how the words popped off the page! They didn't streak, they didn't run, they didn't smear (though they will if you are not careful about where your hand is!).

You DO have to remember to shake them really good before you begin to get the ink mixed up, and my 4-year old thought THAT was the coolest thing ever. She got to dance around and shake the markers for us. This is how the finished poster turned out for the carnival! There was one on each side of the table!

My wife is part of the PTA for our school, and they made several other posters as well for the carnival area. Below is one the made using just the FAT TIP markers! The picture doesn't show the clarity very well, but it was almost 3D.

I didn't get a picture of it, but the PTA also used the FAT TIP markers to write on the windows of the front doors to remind parents to enter by a different door for the carnival. The marker was surprisingly legible, didn't run down the glass, and was very bright colored! Clean up the next day was a total snap as well- a wet cloth and it came right off! LOVED IT!

I am excited to still have a ton of the ink left because I plan to leave notes for different classes (I am the principal of an elementary school) on their door windows and such. 

I will also be doing this at home with my own kids on their bathroom mirrors and windows- not to mention my son's car windows...bwahahahaha! Yes, I have a lot of plans for these little gems!

 Here you can see the two sizes that I was able to test drive. They work on ANY non-porous surface and can be used on paper as well. Yes, these will become a staple in our house- and with SIX kids still at home, they will be enjoyed very much! I may even let the kids use them...someday....or not. I don't share well with others...ha ha!

So, the real question here is how can YOU get an awesome set for CHEAP (well, cheaper than anyone else...ha ha). Please know that this is NOT an affiliate link and I do NOT get any money if you use them. Just sharing a great deal- one educator to another. DON'T FORGET THE CODE to save and additional 20% off the already low price!
20% Off on Amazon - Use Code -> CHK20OFF

20% Off on Amazon - Use Code -> CHALK20A

You can learn more about these awesome markers by clicking HERE!

The bottom line for me is that these are indeed worth every penny you will spend on them.

Happy writing and drawing.


  1. So sad for me....I am Canadian and sometimes I can order through Amazon.COM (not available through Amazon.CA for Canadian shoppers) but not this time:(

    Thanks for the review though...I'm hoping I just have to be patient.


    1. Well Nancy-
      Thank JUST STINKS! :(
      Hopefully in the near future that will be an option. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts!


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