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Voice Booster Review and Giveaway

So, as an administrator, I am always on the lookout for resources and products that I feel will help my teachers. I search supply catalogs, make notes when I am in their rooms, and will from time to time offer to purchase something for their room that I know will benefit the teacher and students. It is one of the many reasons I LOVE being a principal- I get to help in ways I never could as a classroom teacher (though I still miss teaching in a classroom something terrible!).

So, when I was approached by a representative from Voice Booster to try out their audio system, I was VERY happy as I was looking for sound solutions for several teachers. Not only for my teachers, as our school sound system died and they offer a larger system that is portable- TOTAL SCORE!

I eagerly awaited the arrival of the two systems! I didn't have to wait long! WAHOO!

I was sent the personal size:

AND, this awesome larger size- that I call the CANNON...ha ha!

I have been SUPER impressed with both units. I have a teacher who snatched the personal unit right up and has been using it for nearly a week now. He LOVES that his students can hear him at all times. He said it took a bit of getting used to- as the unit will give feedback and squeal if the headset and the speaker unit get too close. However, he said that he likes that because if the class gets too noisy, he purposely makes it squeal to get their attention...ha ha! Not what I would recommend for it's use, but it works for him.

I love that it stays charged for so long. My teacher can teach confidently all day long and not stress about the battery dying. He is also letting the students wear it as they present to the class. He keeps the unit on his belt (it also comes with a strap that can be worn around the neck- which is awesome they provide that too!), and the student holds the headset and talks to the class. It really is making a difference for his class. They used to be much more rowdy, and he would have to raise his voice. It would sound as if he was frustrated or angry because of the volume at which he would sometimes have to speak. He said that with this system, he doesn't have to strain or raise his voice and the kids can tell the difference. He said it seems less stressful in his room now.

That was interesting insight from the teacher. I have other teachers that are excited to test drive the unit as well- IF, I can pry it out of his hands...ha ha!

As for the "cannon"- I just love that nickname, I have been SUPER impressed with it. Our school was asked to do a small program at a local bank. They said they didn't have any sound equipment we could use. I was a little stressed out and worried that I wouldn't get the sound I needed from this unit- after all- it was a HUGE area with a LOT of students (over 50) singing.

I was totally shocked when I pushed play and had to TURN IT DOWN because the sound was TOO loud! WOW! Best part for me was that all I needed was the stereo cord and may phone to use it. Plugged my phone in from the headphones jack and POOF there was the music I needed.

I havent' tried the SD Card slot or the USB port, but the fact they are on there is AWESOME!
Our school will get some SERIOUS mileage out of this baby for years to come. So, at the end of the day, I just have to say that I LOVE this company and their products. Am I getting paid to say that- NO! By now, I hope you realize that I am not going to say something on my blog I don't believe.

When looking at the cost of these units compared to others, and the features you get- these units are worth EVERY penny you will pay (and compared to others- it's a LOT less!)

Check out there STORE by clicking >>>HERE<<<!

AND- this is the BEST PART! I get to give one PERSONAL UNIT away for FREE! WAHOOOO!
Click on this >>>LINK<<<  or the picture above to visit the giveaway page!

Thanks for stopping by- and I hope you will click on over and check out their product line.
Good luck with the contest and come back again soon!

-John, Created by MrHughes

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  1. What a great idea for classrooms and small group projects!


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