Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Morning!

Well, my kids finally went to bed around 1am. We figured that with the heat they wouldn't sleep well anyways, so we let them play. I thought that I wouldn't EVER get up in time to water the rest of the lawn today! But here it is about 7:40am and I have been up and watering for about 20 minutes! The rest of the fam is still alseep. I think the new AC will be fine, it is still fairly toasty in the house, but we are adjusting to it okay. I am hoping to hear about our van today- to see what kind of damage that is going to do to our budget. Oh well!
Tomorrow is go to Colorado and get our shed day! We are looking to buy a 12' x 20' shed for the backyard. We want to store all of our "junk" at our house instead of a storage rental. Well, back to watering. Have a great morning!

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