Sunday, June 29, 2008

Greetings from the North!

Well, after 3.5 hours of travel, a potty break, and reporting a car throwing a water bottle and making bad gestures at a diesel- we made it to the hotel AND we are now at my sisters house visiting. We are heading out to Tooele tomorrow for a presentation, and then we are off to Sandy for the next one. Then home again! YEA! The 4th of July will be nice. We are planning a family event of just us. Fireworks and fun at our house. I am excited. I was watering our garden before I left and discovered that we had a HUGE squashbug infestation. So if any of you out there know of a better remedy than to squish them with your fingers, then please, by all means share! My mom was a lifesaver and braved the squashbugs killing over 30 of them after I had already killed about that many. So that makes me sad that we have put all that work into our garden only to have it over run with squashbugs! But we shall fight till the bitter end. Well, I am going to go so I can visit. More later- Have a fantastic night.

P.S. We finished Becoming Naomi Leon. That was an AWESOME book- I highly recommend it to everyone! Read, Read, Read!

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