Friday, July 04, 2008

Wow, It is ONE HOT fourth of July!

I am sitting here melting in my livingroom. It is a meager 106 degrees F outside right now. I am hoping that this evening will cool off somewhat allowing us to enjoy the city fireworks. It has been a great day however. It took almost 4 hours to really soak the garden. I had to make a quick trip to school to drop off some items that I had purchased for this coming school year. I also had to stop and water a whole crap load of plants. We are getting new carpet in the main areas of our school and so the library had to be moved. All the plants that were decorating it came to my room (they are my moms from when she taught). So I have a mini-jungle in my classroom. I can't believe that there is really only 45 more days until school starts. I feel like I am going a million miles an hour and don't even have time to think about my classroom. That might come back to bite me in the butt! I guess we will see.
I have been watching all the episodes of Food Network's Next Food Network Star. I must say- I think that I am happy being a teacher. People do the dumbest things on TV and all they get is 6, that right, a total of 6 shows and then they are most likely fired! What is the point? Anyways, I guess that is a whole other ballgame. Oh, don't worry, I have soapboxes, and one day I shall pull one out and truly share my thoughts (things like parent involvement in their kids (Students) lives, No Child Left Behind, and other things)-
I shall try to check in tonight after the show in the sky- Peace and see ya...

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