Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebrating My 81st Post

Yea Me! I think this is a time to celebrate. This will be my 81st post. I have loved every moment of blogging. The excitement of 31 subscribers followed by the low of dropping to only 15. The humor, the feeling of calm after posting my frustrations. Thanks to those who have enjoyed the journey with me.

Today was an interesting day. School was not my favorite today. I feel like the kids have already slipped into the non-listening mode and I am trying to figure out the best way to proceed. I tried so hard to set my expectations and make clear what I need them to do. I think where I fell short was on the consequences. I have been studying how best to proceed, and I still haven't quite got what I want ready to go. I will keep you posted on that one.

This evening was wonderful. I love doing service. For Family Home Evening, our family and two other families in our ward, meet at the church and stamped the ward name in over 100 new hymn books for the chapel. We pulled all the old books, set aside all the books that were in need of some loving care, and put new books out and those that were still usable.

Afterwards, we all came to our house and had brownies and ice cream. It was also nice to sit down and visit afterwards. It was also nice when everyone went home. We were able to get the kids in their jammies, brush teeth, scriptures, prayers and into bed. Peace had fallen in the house at last.

My daughter had her first day of school today. She came home sad because all her friends played with other kids and she"played with two kids. I didn't know their names." My heart broke for her. I don't want school to be a social fight. Even her cousin had someone else to sit by. These are things that make me want to relocate so my kids can start out in a town where everyone isn't related to everyone else. Ah, such is life. My wife and I were talking about this today. We feel like we are always on the outside looking in. We have tried to have friends here in town, but it seems that we do all the inviting without having it reciprocated. That gets tiring and old. We don't need friends that bad. I am glad that I am close to my family. They are sweet and supportive. I have always felt that way- even in high school. I was far from popular and I didn't have many friends. But that is okay. I have a wife whom I love and is truly my best friends. But enough of this line of thought!

Tomorrow is promising to be a great day. I need one of those.



  1. Yay for your 81st post!! I wonder how many I have. Did you go and count them all, or is there somewhere that it tells you how many posts you have? That would be interesting. I love blogging, it's probably one of my favorite things!! I was never one to keep a journal, so this is my journal...and I'm so consistent with it! It's the best! By the way, I think it's funny that you are Mr. Hughes. I know, obviously that's what you are, but Mr. Hughes was always your dad to me. Funny!

  2. Congrats on your posts! You are way better at this than I am. I totally agree with you about the whole friend thing, we feel the same way a lot of the time. I hate it when I feel like we always put in way more effort than anyone else. Oh well. That is why we have awesome family like you guys to be friends with. Luv you guys!

  3. Well if you were CLOSER we would have you over and you wouldn't always have to invite us. We miss you guys like crazy. Just so you know, we feel the same way in our neighborhood. It's funny how that works out. We mostly spend our time with family too. Just know that we think about you a lot and we wish that we were able to get together more often!


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