Saturday, August 02, 2008

Life... Part 2

So I was surfing the net and I saw something that, especially as an educator, just REALLY got my goat! I saw an ad that said- "No More Studying, Buy Your Degree Here!".

The thought that crossed my mind was, "Wow!!! We live in a lazy, selfish, demanding world where people feel like they are entitled to what ever they want without doing the work!". When you can simply BUY a degree- what does that say about us as a people? Now, I am sure that no business in its right mind is going to accept a "bought" degree as grounds for employment (although, maybe someone will invent the "No More Work!! Free Paycheck- Just Click Here" website and hook-me-up), but still- the very idea that studying isn't needed to actually LEARN what you need for your degree is crazy!

So I guess when you go to the doctor, dentist, accountant, etc, pray they didn't just "buy" their degree! Like I tell the kids I am around- "If you don't work harder in school so you can run the country- I'm moving to Canada!" I am seriously concerned about this rising generations ability to run a country and provide for themselves without "mommy and daddy" holding their hands and giving them handouts!

So, that line of thinking, coupled with the overload of being home now, but not being home (as I am practically living at the school trying to get my room ready for 25 students in 2 weeks), canning vegetables from our garden (that was an adventure as we have never used a pressure-canner until today, and I am happy to report that we DID NOT even blow up our kitchen- Wahoo!) has really given me time to think.

About what you ask?

About a lot of things:

1) Why am I fat?
2) Why is it so hot?

3) Why am I poor? (Oh wait, I'm a teacher! Ha Ha!)

Ok, wait a minute, that's not what I was thinking- just checking to see if you are really reading of just scrolling!

I have really been thinking about my life. Where it is going, where it has been, what goals I want to achieve this coming school year(assuming I ever even get my room ready!), and really pondering my decision to pursue a Masters of Administration from the University of Utah. Do I have any answers for all these "thinks"? The short answer is NOPE!

But I will continue to ponder them and let you know as I feel inspired about the answers.

I have a lot to do tomorrow at church. I am the president of the Elder's Quorum in my church. I am conducting a presidency meeting at 8:00am with high councilor from out of town, I am teaching a Sunday school class with 13-14 year old kids(they are some of the kids I taught in 6th grade my first year back in town- should be interesting), and tomorrow evening I am meeting with a gentleman in my group for a one-on-one discussion of church and family matters. Busy, but focused.

Updates to Past Traumas:

1) I have tried to call Gordon of Spring Communications in Murray, Utah for several day now with NO return phone call. So he must have realized that he COULD NOT give me the discount he promised and is now avoiding me. I think I will have my little sister pay their store a visit and see if she can scare him straight! (Nobody messes with my little sister and lives to tell about it!)

2) I have never heard back from McDonald's after talking to the " human shield"- Don't expect much to happen there, but I think it would be great if everyone who reads this calls them and complains!

3) I think that I am over the Wal-Mart issues! I hate the store and will ALWAYS (as their theme is) will hate them.

And now for the exciting conclusion (sorry this post is long- but I missed a couple days and a lot happens in the life of an educator):

A) I helped my parents pour their cement foundation for the ginormous shed they are building in the "park" (they have a double lot and it has all the kids toys so we call it the park). I think I can safely say that I would NOT make a good full-time construction worker. I did learn a lot though, and I enjoyed helping them. They were paying the other men $10 per hour. When they tried to pay me I told them I will "deal with you later". I think that scared my dad. I don't want their money. Good grief, I owe them more money than I have made teaching in the last 7 years!

B) I don't remember after all the stuff I had in my head for this post. So if and when I remember I will be sure to share it with you! I guess that is what happens when you watch a count down timer that tells you you have very little of your summer left! Oh well, life happens!


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