Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why Look For The Edge?

Why is it that human nature makes us look for the boundaries in life? And, not that boundaries are bad. We need them for structure and order. So why is it that we are always looking for the least amount we can get away with? This is something that 6th graders are experts at AND IT DRIVES ME BONKERS! I work and work with my students to overcome this interesting trait. We spend lots of time discussing that in my classroom we have a commitment to do our best. And so asking questions like, "Is this enough?" or "Do I have to...?" tell me as their teacher that they are looking for the least amount of work possible instead of doing their best and saying, "Look, this is what I have accomplished!"

As I step back and reflect, I can't totally hold it against my students that they do this. I occasionally find myself doing this with assignments that are given to me. I guess the quest then becomes to overcome that negative train of thought, and build a new positive track that leads one to always doing their best. I guess the part of me that is the perfectionist (yes, and those who are laughing- STOP!) wants to have it be complete and its very best and the tired teacher in me (ok, so I am not really the tired teacher on the 2nd day- but you know what I mean) just wants some things to be done (this relates mostly to my continuing education).

Part of our Opening Institute on Monday was a motivational speaker. His theme was Enjoy The Ride. Now, as teachers, we have kind of turned that into a joke. See, he told us that we really shouldn't worry about the destination (he called it "destination disease") but just enjoy the trip to get there. I liked his idea...mostly. I couldn't help but think, "If I were a multi-millionaire, I think that I would have the ability to stress less and Enjoy the Ride too! " Kind of ironic that a multi-millionaire would be the one they hire to talk to one of the lowest paid professions in America. But that is a soap box for another day.

Life continues on. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. My class is slowly picking up that I mean business. I tried SO hard to communicate that on day 1, but apparently I was a little too nice. Oops! But never fear dear readers, for I shall prevail in this valiant fight! I will be sure to keep you posted.

On the home front:

My baby had to go to the clinic today. We found out that he has an ear infection in one ear, and starting in the other. He is also STILL teething so that is all sorts of fun to say the least.

My oldest had another great day in 3rd grade. We are working with him to try harder in the paying attention area. He is such a great kid.

My daughter had her Kindergarten testing today and starts school on Monday. She is very exctied and I am excited to have her at school. She is such a sweetie.

My middle son is as lively as ever. He is strong willed and determined. Infact, we finally "burned" (roasted) marshmellows tonight over our stove burner and had S'Mores. It was rather tasty. He has been wanting to do that for a few weeks.

And that brings up to my wife (whom I love so much). She has been keeping the house together, taking care of the kids, and making sure we are clothed (laundry-yucky) and fed (although tonight I cooked- We had pizza from the local pizza store!) not to mention she is also working like crazy on her crafts. She has just under a month to complete all the sets she wants to have done. In the last 3 days she has finished 4 sets of words. You go girl!

Well, it is late enough that I am off to bed-

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  1. We had the same guy at our opening institute. The superintendents must get together or something. I thought he was okay...a few good laughs and a good point, but I agree with you. It is probably a little easier for him to "enjoy the ride." Glad you're surviving the first few days of school and good to hear that your dad is doing okay.


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