Friday, October 31, 2008


It is now almost 12:30am and I have spent the last 3.5 hours grading papers that have piled up for the last 3 days at school. My laptop wasn't working (Internet port is trashed). So the school tech finally made his weekly (really more like his bi-quarterly appearance) and got it working with the schools Wi-Fi. But I guess that didn't really matter as I had NO time to sit down today.

My class was far from desirable and after today, I truly think that I will start looking for a new career path. Not sure how soon in the future that might be. It will most likely require leaving this town. I don't think I would mind though. In fact, that might solve some of the problems that are going on with family and school. Part of me wants to head East and see what life to has offer out there. Doubt my wife would go for that however.

Parent-Teacher-Conferences were yesterday(Wednesday). I saw all but 2 parents and they are scheduled to come in next week. The conferences went well and it was nice to visit with parents and get their feedback. They all had positive things to say and I was able to share some kudos about their child and also share some concerns and problem areas. It got tricky when I had parents that didn't speak English, and no translator provided by the school, so my student is translating and I am hoping that they are telling them the right things.

From a parents perspective, I am sure that it is hard to sit down with a teacher which many parents in all area's of the nation don't like doing simply because they feel like we know more than them, which is silly, and it brings back memories of THEIR schooling, which for many was a negative experience!
For example:
I have my nephew in my class this year. When my brother came in for the conference, he expressed his uncomfortableness to me by saying he hates school and it smells like an old folks home. Odd, and I laughed. He has never liked school and has a negative attitude about the schools here in town. It is easy to see why kids today hate school. Parents are forever bad mouthing the education system, local schools, teachers, and administrators. It's frustrating. Don't parents understand that almost ALL teachers want to simply have the chance to educate their child? Don't they see that we need support- Not negative feelings? Do they think that we hold back our best lessons for only choicest of classes? I simply don't understand where society is heading in it's attitude and what it finds as acceptable. Honestly, I don't WANT to understand, as I disagree with it, and simply can't accept it as part of me.

I simply have to tell myself what my last principal told me in a teacher enhancement meeting. "Parent's don't keep their best students home and send their worst. They send the best they have and expect you to do your best with them." Awesome advice- hard to do, but doable!

My wish is that some parents would work harder with their child, rather and work to give them more stuff (like having 2 jobs, etc.)However, no one asked my wishes, so I will leave it at that.

Now that it is after 1am, I should head to bed. Today is Halloween- that should be all sorts of exciting.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a difficult situation. I'm sure it was hard for my teachers to see my potential and see me slack off...sorry Mr. Parson's and Mr. Johnson...I better stop I could go on and on. :)

  2. LOL! Yep, I don't confess to have been the perfect student, but I think that we did work harder when we were in school, and we cared about getting an education more than most kids today!

  3. I am sorry about everything that has been going on. DON'T YOU DARE MOVE EAST!!!!! Move by me :) lol. Have a Happy Halloween. Love you! (will work on your header Monday:) What you have looks good.

  4. We could always use teachers here... move west!!! ;)

  5. Yes- I agree with you- we worked our butts off in school, and it is hard to see some kids not care now a days. I loved school, but I had awesome friends and lived in an awesome town.

  6. Ya know, I can't say that I loved school but I DEFINATELY can't say that I hated it. I feel that my positives out weighed my negatives. I do and always will TRY to pass on the positives, Just cause I didn't like something doesn't mean my kids won't. For instance Kaidence loves to sing and dance, but boy was that not my thing. Well just to let you know John, from my observation (and reading), you do a great job. Keep it up and NO you guys can't move.

  7. I can relate to all the frustrations and challenges that exist within the teaching profession. And I can relate to thinking "why do I do this again?" I understand why 30% of teachers leave the profession after 3 years... there are just so many expectations of teachers without both support and understanding. Nor do teachers have the respect of parents that perhaps existed in the past. When the feeling of why I've yet again found myself in the classroom a particularly difficult day... I try to think of those students I know appreciate the effort. I remember those parents that still keep in touch. I think about the students with which I made a difference. I'm sure you've had the same experiences. Good teachers seem to consistently be forced out of the profession because, well, they care. If we didn't care about our profession, we would just keep doing it without effort... like those many less than wonderful teachers we've all had. Hang in there!

  8. lol...crystal:) If we are apologizing I'd have to say sorry to those teachers also and add one more on there...your dad(john)...I never shut up in his class, although I did learn alot, he probably would be surprised! A little off track there, sorry about the frustrations...hope things are going better...


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