Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Relaxing Sabbath and A Birthday

So I am going to be 1 year older tomorrow. I guess I can deal with that. My mom and wife went to my classroom this evening and decorated it. I am nervous to see exactly what has taken place! Whatever, It's all good.

I have driven my wife crazy these last few days. She wanted to know what I want for my birthday. I always tell her, "Nothing!". I truly mean that. We have enough financial stress in our lives without spending money on "stuff". She doesn't like that answer, but what I get never ceases to amaze me. I get a homemade book of the kids, or some other amazing scrapped gift. I love my wife. She is truly amazing. And the gifts she makes WAY out do anything she could have ever bought.

I gave my talk in church today. For more on that visit: LDSpointofview (one of my other blogs). The whole 3 hours of meetings went well. I felt like maybe what was said maybe made a little difference.

We had my parents over for dinner tonight. It was wonderful to have them here and let my children enjoy their grandparents. That has truly been one of the biggest blessings of moving back here. My kids get to enjoy something I never did- grandparents on demand. I hope they grow to love their grandparents. To cherish them, revere them, and follow their counsel.

Well, I need to read Little House on the Prairie to my kids before they head to bed in just a minute. I am signing off for now.



  1. Your kids are way lucky to be close to grandparents! That has truly been one of the greatest blessings in my life to live less than 5 minutes away from them my whole life. I can't imagine not having them "on demand" on a daily basis! Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day! Sad I'm not around to sing and be obnoxious, but you can just imagine! ;)

  2. That would be nice to have grandparents on demand..but also that is a babysitter on demand right? :) Have a happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday John! You're getting closer to 35! HAHA~

    Love you so much. I am jealous that you get to see mom and dad so much. But I can't complain :) Have a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday, UGH, Happy Birthday, UGH, There is magic in the air, people dying everywhere, but Happy Birthday, UGH, Happy Birthday, UGH!

    Happy Birthday Old Man! Just kidding. We love you and hope that you have a wonderful birthday. Sorry my gift won't be there until tomorrow. (Stupid mail not running on Colombus Day!) Anyways, hope you have a wonderful birthday with your family. Luv ya!


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