Sunday, February 22, 2009

It Has Ended...

As to all things in life (not just good, but also bad), endings are a part. Everything on this earth has a beginning and an end. Many times we are grateful for those endings, but once in a while an ending brings sadness, sorrow, and even regret.

After some discussion back and forth, I was released as freelancer. I have very mixed feelings. I have worked hard for the company and enjoyed it very much, but it was overwhelming and VERY time consuming. I was worried that we would be hurt financially, but my wife pointed out that it was "extra" income anyways and was put in savings. I have come to terms with this development, and know that it is for the best. I hope that someday in the future, when the kids are much older and maybe life a little slower, that I can once again put on the hat of freelancer and have a go at it again.

The weekend was a whirlwind event this week. Saturday we headed to Colorado to Allisha's sister's house for a birthday party. Their daughter had her 1st birthday party. It was fun. We made it home and spent the evening relaxing.

Today has been okay. I had to bring my baby home early and miss most of church. He has some serious congestion and I have an enormous headache. This evening is a fireside. Since I am in charge, I guess I will be going.

Well, I better get busy on my church and school assignments.


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  1. There will be other opportunities for you to earn some extra income. And who knows one of these days you may just not have to worry about anything. Just keep the faith. See you in class - E :)


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