Thursday, March 05, 2009

A baby BOY or GIRL? That is the question

A question that I can't answer right now either. But we are excited to find out on the 10th (which is coming up REALLY soon!) I am very excited to find out. It better be a little girl! But, I guess I can find it in my heart to love another little boy too! :)

This week has been a great week, not that the kids or life was perfect- far from! But I have been working very HARD to just be positive and leave all the stress and garbage at school. My wife said she has even noticed a difference for quite a while. That made me all glowy and warm inside.

Another good note is that I will be done with tutoring tomorrow at 10am! I will be glad to be done, not because of the student (per say) but just to have one less direction to be running! That is ALWAYS a good thing. I am ready for a quiet weekend. We won't be doing any family trips to the geyser or anything, but a nice relaxing at home will sure be nice. (Although I do have to spend a few hours at the school getting everything in line for next week- especially with Pi day coming). Well, i have planning to work on, kids to love, and food to eat!

Happy Friday!


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  1. I'm surprised your wife doesn't know already. I knew my first one was a boy; swore my second one was twins (turned out to be a single birth, girl) and then my third I didn't really know because it was such an easy pregnancy and just no worries. Used to be able to tell by the way women carried themselves when pregnant whether they were having a boy or a girl but with the way women are so different these days, can't really rely on that.

    Whichever it is you know you will love it with all your heart. Looking forward to being back in class and finding out what is happening in your little corner of the world - talk soon - E :)


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