Thursday, April 02, 2009

Holy Cow...Is it SPRING BREAK YET?!?!?!?!?

Ok, so it REALLY needs to be Spring Break. Not because of the kids. We are actually doing pretty good in the classroom department. I just have SO much that I need to get done and out of the way. Even now I should be writing a paper for my Math Endorsement class (only 3 more sessions and I have my endorsement) and I know what I am going to type, I just want to relax and focus on NON-SCHOOL for a few minutes. So here I am.

The weather here as been so hectic that I am going crazy. Hot during the day and then freezing COLD WINDS all night. Feels like the house is going to blow over! :)

Well, I know that I need to relax, but my wife has a scrapbooking party tonight and I will have the boys (little sis is going with her mom). I think we will go and get ice cream or a treat from the store.



  1. Ice cream in freezing howling winds? LOL - I's have opted for hot chocolate but that's me.

    I know what you mean about just needing to relax and a break - I need a break from work but at least I have a job and that I'm thankful for. I look forward to seeing what the kids do with my Road Trip game - talk soon - E :)

  2. Glad you are doing well. The weather has been crazy. We had ice cream last night as a treat too :)
    Can't wait to see you next weekend. Its going to be SOOOOO FUN!!! We miss you tons! Loves


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