Saturday, April 25, 2009

Product Review- MeeWee Music

I would like to take a minute and review a new product that is available to teachers and parents everywhere. This product is called MeeWee. Created by a school teacher from New York who discovered that when he rapped the subject material to his ESL students they listened and learned. From there the idea sprang to life. This music has a lot to be enjoyed. I personally do NOT care for RAP! Therefore I was very apprehensive about what this music might be like. When I first downloaded it (teachers click HERE for a free sample- Parents Click HERE to purchase) and started listening, my 8 year-old son instantly wanted to know what I was listening to. I asked him if he liked it. He had be go through all the songs so he could test them out. I don't think there was really a song he didn't care for. For me, I was glad he liked the upbeat music that had positive lyrics. Some of the lyrics were a little strange to me, but hey, I'm not an 8 year old. The company is working to make the site teacher friendly. I really liked that I could download the lyrics (good for teaching kids the words) and I like that the company has created several lesson plans to accompany many of the songs. The negative side of the lesson plans is that they are NOT downloadable and they are not really in a printer-friendly format (easily fixed, but hey, I want it all!) As a teacher and a parent I do HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT and give it the Official Approval Seal of the Educator's Life Blog Review. Check out their site and see for your self.


P.S. This is NOT a paid review so don't think I am promoting something for something, other than sharing what is lacking in today's world- Clean music designed just for kids!

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