Monday, June 01, 2009

Pink Eye, the Flu, and School, Oh My!

OK, so can you say WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?

Really, to have pink eye was bad enough for 5 days, but yesterday I came home from church not feeling very good. MY stomach hurt and I was a little dizzy. No big deal right? WRONG! I spent the day on my bed wishing to die. The flu is not my idea of fun, compound that with the stress of having to read a ga-zillion pages a week for my classes, and you get a lot more stress.

The classes are going okay. I got my first paper back today. I got an A on it! Yippee! Now I feel a little more confident in starting on the multiple other papers that are going to start coming due (next week is when the papers will start being due EVERY week!) While it is a stretch for me to read and synthesize all this material, I know that it is helping to build my understanding of the world of education and exactly what all that means. At least that is the hope.

I did wake up this morning and go for a short walk. I wasn't feeling 100% better, but I was tired of laying in bed. I got home in time to water the garden, roses and front flower beds before my wife left to go to her exercise group. While she was gone the kids and I walked to the post office and back home. (A whole two blocks- but nice with the smaller kids).

We hung out outside for an hour or so while I read. For lunch we headed down to the city park. The school is running a summer lunch program. Kids 18 and younger eat for free Monday-Friday. Pretty nice. My wife and I took our own lunch and ate it while the kids ate (adults have to pay around $3.00 for the school lunch).

We came home and I read some more. I still have to 30 page articles I have to read before class tomorrow. I will tackle one more today, and the other probably in the morning after my walk. I still have a huge book I have to read and write a 7 page paper on. YUCKY! Well, I guess I best get back to work on other things. This is my 199 post! I can't believe that. It has been less than 1 year since I started blogging. That is crazy to me as well. I love sharing what is going on in my life with my readers.


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  1. NO WAY!!! I can't believe it was pinkeye. I am so sorry- that stuff is vicious. Hope you get feeling better soon.


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