Thursday, July 16, 2009

Excuse Me?

When the weather man announced that tomorrow was going to be over 100 degrees, I almost cried. OK, not really. It has been a long, hot week. This morning I was able to get my shed caulked. YEA ME!

As I was talking with the secretary of my school today, she happened to mention that when she went to the school there was a RV pulled up next to the school and plugged in to the building- yep you read that right! Some freeloader had pulled their RV up to the school and had plugged right in to the school's power. HOW FREAKIN' TACKY is that? Excuse ME! What is up with people? Stinkin' Washingtonian freeloader! I told her to go and unplug their cord and tell them to move on! By the time I got to the school, the RV was pulling out and the custodian was shaking his head. Crazy.

After my son's little league game (he got a hit tonight- Go BUDDY!) we came home and went back to work doing laundry, cleaning, and family time. I decided to do my vacuuming tonight so I only have bathrooms left to do tomorrow.

I am SO tired, but I need to finish watering the garden. It is almost 12am and these late nights are kicking my trash. Staying up until 1am or so and then trying to function at 6:30am has become quite comical. I end up getting dressed and then sitting on the couch and will myself to move. Kind of like right now where I keep waking up to find that I am in the middle of a posting.

Oh, my mom bought me notebooks for my classroom yesterday and we took them to the school. She found them for 15 cents each. (Normally 10 cents is the price I pay, but I don't know if we are going to make it that low this year!) She bought over 300 of them for me. So I am set in the notebook department!

I guess I better go to bed. I am exhausted. Have a great night.


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  1. that's awesome to have parents to buy some stuff for your classroom - but wow - over 300 of them? that's a lot of paper. That should last a while unless they use them for every subject but even still - I just can't even imagine that many.

    housework in heat will kick anyone's trash - lol - so now it's just get the bathrooms done and then you can relax and be ready for the baby to get here Monday - chat soon - E :)


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