Sunday, July 19, 2009

It Wasn't Bad

So, after having watched the movie, I can say that it wasn't too bad. I felt they truly only showed the very bear minimum of details from the book. I would recommend to anyone that it is worth watching (entertainment wise, not really in the cost department what with tickets being over $10 each).

My wife and I really enjoyed spending time with my brother and his wife. We had a great lunch at Boston's. I had never eaten there and the food was fantastic. After lunch we went to the movie. It lasted about 3 hours (I think).

Shopping came next. It was nice to just wander around the stores where my brother and his wife needed to go. We spent very little (YEA US!) but had a great time visiting without all the kids screaming and running around.

We headed home after shopping and picked up the kiddos. They actually did really well. I am very proud of them.

Last night was a very long night. The temperature never dropped below 75 degrees making it almost unbearably hot in the house. We had all the windows open hoping that the temp. would drop. Then my daughter woke me up to tell me she had thrown up in her bed. That was all sorts of fun at 2:30am. NOT! Then about an hour later, she woke me up to tell me she had lost it again all over my bathroom floor. Got that cleaned up. Finally got her settled down and she was fine for the rest of the night. Today, she seems a little warm, but feels much better. I wonder if she had a touch of heat strokeFor some reason (we think it might be the heat) our little boy keeps waking up around 1am crying. As soon as he is in our bed he is out again. Little stinker! Makes it hard to sleep well. I guess sleep isn't something I will be enjoying for a while anyways! TOMORROW (Monday) is the day.

I am still a little shocked at how fast it is all happening. We will have been at the hospital for over an hour by this time tomorrow. Crazy.My mother and father -in law are coming down to see the baby, and her mom will stay until Thursday- I think. That will be nice to have some extra help around the house and for my wife. My mom has volunteered to come and watch the kids from the time we leave until my wife's parents get here. What a trooper she is. :) Thanks Mom!

Well, I am trying to keep my daughter happy. She and I stayed home from church. We hope to get her better before our new little one comes home. That wouldn't be very good to have the flu in our home when a newborn comes here.



  1. I'll be thinking of ya'll. Can't wait to see pictures and all. It sounds like everything is woring out just fine. Hope to be able to chat soon when you get a breather - E :)

  2. GOOD LUCK! We passed through on our way home today...but we knew this was your big day and you wouldn't be there so we didn't stop. We are thinking about you and can't wait to hear!

  3. It is good to hear that HP is not that bad of a movie since I will have to see it when the kids come back from Grandma's.
    Hope you can kick the flu before the little one comes home.


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