Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween is Coming...

Ok, I will admit up front that October is one of my NOT very favorite months. I feel I have the the right to say that because my birthday is in October! (But that just makes me feel OLD!) I am posting a picture of the amazing SPIDER we built in our front yard. We had built this one in Orem when we lived there, but hadn't ever built it here. We have had many compliments on it. It was truly a pain in the BUTT, but totally worth it.The kids love it and are creeped out by it!

On the flip side, school has been so relaxing and enjoyable. I am truly enjoying this year. What a great class. An extra-special class I think. I was told these classes would come along from time to time and I am SO thankful to have this class.

My master's classes are going. I have so many activities and projects that are due that I am surviving and keeping my head above water. I am so ready to be done. But it will come and go.

I guess i need to head to bed. I just wanted to share our cool spider.



  1. I love the BIG spider.. We will have to do a drive by and take a look.. VERY COOL!!

  2. LOVE the spider! That's awesome! I'd love to have that in my yard! ;)


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