Saturday, October 10, 2009

I LOVE weekends!

Greetings all! It is amazing what sleeping in for 3 extra hours can do for the soul! I didn't even really budge this morning (even though my 4 year old  was in my bed). My wife has my daughter and the two little boys with her at her mother's house. She is helping throw her sister a baby shower. She will be back later this evening.

Last night my 9 year old and I played PlayStation. We played CTR. He is GOOD!  It was nice to spend some time with just him. My 4 year crashed around 10:30 (which for him is WAY late- he is usually out by 9-9:30). We watched Monsters vs. Aliens, Bob's Big Break, and regular TV. Had ice cream, ate out for dinner with grandma and grandpa, and I worked on a bunch of stuff for school (of course!)

It is nice to have a day to relax. Here in a few minutes I am heading back to the school to finish planning and copying, then we are heading out to eat lunch out, and we are going to go and spend a few hours at the high school at the volleyball games (as part of my Admin. hours). My wife will be home later this evening and then we can do something as a family (play a game, sing songs, something!)

I am also very excited that there are no college classes this week. What a relief. Since they go into December, it was time for a break. I do have to say that I AM learning a lot from each class.

Well, it is time to head out. I will be back later. Have a great day, or not, the choice is yours!


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