Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kodak, Round 4 (Plus my real life)

So today started with THIS e-mail:

Hi Mr. Hughes, by any chance do you have the proof of purchase for the printer that you can send as an attachment or scan to send to me. Please advise.


And I replied with this:

Mr. Frazier,

I believe I can indeed find it, if needed (that will be a project for the weekend) but for what purpose?

And this was the reply:

Hi Mr. Hughes, I want to offer you another replacement ESP3 printer.


And my final reply for the day was:

Mr. Frazier,

That is wonderful news. I will look for the receipt but we are not sure where it is. After all, that was over a year ago. We DO have the box it came in, however(At least I believe we do). Is there something on there that I could clip and scan for proof? Let me know exactly what you need. I look forward to sharing this great development on my blog! :)


So things are looking up in the customer response department pending how this transaction pans out. I know that my friend Mrs E. is wondering why she didn't get the same response about her printer. I told her I didn't know. I am awaiting Mr. Frazier's reply to see exactly what he wants/needs for proof of purchase. The gesture truly is what I WOULD expect from them and everyone SHOULD receive from such a company. I hope they choose to throw in a few sets of inks. But if not, I guess it is what it is. I hope everyone is enjoying this experience. I have found it intriguing and very insightful, learning how a major corporation and their customer service beliefs and actual performance look in action.


On to other things...

School today was great. I have such a wonderful class. Part of our day included taking a bus to the high school and enjoying some wonderful science exhibits from a museum called "The Leonardo". It will open for business in Salt Lake City in 2011. I am excited. If the entire museum is full of exhibits like today's, then I would gladly take my class there. They had echo dishes, probability tables, a Van de Graff generator, a microscope, and many other gadgets, gewgaws, and gizmos. It was fun.

I had one voice lesson this afternoon after school. I was also able to visit with our neighbors whose house caught fire on Wednesday. They are doing fair. They have been gutting the inside, hauling out the charred sheet-rock furniture and appliances. It was pretty much a complete loss. We are going to do a fundraiser at the school. Hopefully we can get them help.


It is late and I am going to head to bed!



  1. hahaha - maybe I need to send my original letter to Aprille and let her know that my printer was purchased long after yours and I'm still waiting for a refund on the stupid thing. I can get my proof of purchase online since I purchased it at Staples and they have all my purchase history available. If I send my email to her and I end up getting a refund, I would be soooooooo happy right now, since I'm like totally broke. So now I need to get with you and get Aprille's email and go from there -

    The museum thing sounds wonderful but you have to wait for 2 years for it to open? that seems so far away and you used a vocab word we are gathering from the reading. I love it. It would be fun to take a trip like that. Sounds like a hands on type museum (we have something like that in our State Museum in Columbia but we also have a place in Charlotte called Discovery Place and another place - I think in Georgia or fairly close by - called Fort Discovery. These places are more modern hands on things like giant spirographs where you design large pictures, sound rooms and other things.) Keep me posted on this. It'll be interesting to follow.

    Great deal on the kids being such a wonderful class. I think they are doing excellent with writing and reading times. Keep up the good job - E :)

  2. Elysabeth - I haven't forgotten - but if you send me an email, then I'll have two places to remind me -
    -Aprille/ KodakConnect


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