Sunday, December 06, 2009

Saturday, Sunday, and Beyond

Saturday our family woke up and late after staying up and playing games and drinking cocoa. We got breakfast out of the way (it was way yummy biscuits and gravy) and then headed to the city Santa Give-a-way. Every year our local fire department gets donations from local businesses and then gives them away in a door-prize fashion. Everyone attending is given a ticket. Then they start drawing. Every member of our family except my 2 year-old and myself own something. My 9 year-old won a gift bag from the local bank (it had a teddy bear and a few dinosuars), my 6 year-old won a bag of chips, my wife won a really nice blanket, and 4 year-old won a free Subway mean. My baby didn't get a ticket and that is okay.
While I was there, I ran into a friend from another school district. She was selling cases of Scrapbook paper for $3. Talk about a deal. We bought 6 cases. We figure we can resell the paper as retail for each packet is over $15 and there is 12 packets per case.
From there we headed to my parents house to visit for a while. My parents went to lunch with us before we headed home. From there I spent the evening getting ready for my Sunday meetings.

Sunday(today) started early. I was in meetings from 7am until 8pm. After church (1pm) I was required to help with some clerical items. Our family sang as part of our ward Christmas activity. The kids all did great. I am very proud of them.

Well, I have letter of recommendation to write and some school work to finish up.


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  1. That's cool about the Christmas thing. Congrats to your kids and your wife. That was a steal on the paper. You never know what she can use it for though. Lots of fun things - see you in class - E :)


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